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P&O Cruises - Cruises Oriana Style

Updated on May 12, 2011

The Oriana Cruise Ship

OK, so I was having some kind of nostalgia dream about my cruise holiday from when I was younger the other day and remembering how much fun it was so I decided it would be a good idea to write a hub about it since cruises seem to be very affordable and popular these days and any cruise reviews would be good revenue earners online.

I was lucky enough to go on 2 cruises in my younger years, one was a Mediterranean cruise with my grand parents since they went on 100's in their retirement years and the other was a Caribbean cruise/Celebrity cruise with my parents aboard the Oriana.

The Med cruise consisted of seeing the islands of Sicily, Corsica, Gibraltar, Pisa in Italy and Naples where you could visit Pompeii and see the archaeological finds from the left over volcanic destruction.The best part about a cruise holiday is that you get 2 holidays in one, the relaxation and entertainment on board the cruise ship and then you have the cultural and historical value when you stop off at various destinations for the day.

Photo courtesy of panr

Caribbean Cruises

The Caribbean cruise was equally if not better because we had a 'Celebrity cruise' where the legendary England goalkeeper Peter Shilton was on board to give the children some football lessons upon the top deck.

I think the best part about P & O cruises is that no matter what cruise ship you are on they all offer luxury accommodation no matter what background you are from and people from all classes mingle and become friends. Obviously your cabins are of different sizes depending on how much you pay, but at the dining table you are seated with another family to encourage socialising, facilities around the different decks are for everybody to share.

The staff aboard the Oriana cruise ship have to work hard but never-the-less they are very friendly, I think this is true with every P & O cruise because even when I went on the Canberra the Filipino staff were great at making the kids laugh.

Photo courtesy of panr

Original Oriana
Original Oriana
The Canberra leaving Southampton
The Canberra leaving Southampton

The Original Oriana Cruise Liner

After researching for this hub on the internet I discovered that there was another Oriana cruise liner that was built in 1959, Like the Canberra cruise ship that was named after the capital of Australia, the Oriana made the southern voyages and they both acted as 'sister ships'.

The original Oriana was often nicknamed 'The Big 'O' by residents of Sydney and because she was so popular amongst passengers P and O cruises decided to afford her name to a new 70,000 tonne more compact cruise ship that many Australians and New Zealanders have already been passengers upon.

After we see the Big 'O' above there is a second picture of the Canberra cruise ship leaving Southampton on a voyage being towed out of port by 2 tug boats, I was lucky enough to journey on her before her last voyage in 1997 and I also sailed cruises from Southampton.

Photo courtesy of wiki

Photo courtesy of flissphil

P & O Oriana Cruise

Above is a picture of the P & O Oriana cruise liner in the Sydney port but often with island cruises the ship is too large to approach a small island because the water is too shallow so you have to board a life boat which is what we did at Grenada.

To summarise this article I would just like to say that it is a great privilege to go on a cruise holiday and if you are lucky enough it could be a once in a life time memory to cherish. I have fond memories of my days romancing the young girls aboard and strolling along the deck watching the sunset hand in hand, you also feel an awe of being so small amongst the giant ocean waves and enjoy the secluded space that is only granted to a small number of passengers!

Photo courtesy of panr


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