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Pack Smarter - 3 Tips to Packing Smarter

Updated on August 15, 2013

Packing well will reduce stress and queuing at the airport.

Why Pack Smart?

Packing smart will make your whole trip smoother, less stressful and easier. You will really benefit from being prepared and will also be able to see packing as less of a chore while you it may mean you can now fit your favorite pair of shoes into your luggage too! So, it really does make sense to spend a little more time packing which will reduce stress at the airport too.

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Why Travel Hand Luggage Only?

Step 1 - Research

It is important that you are prepared to do a little research and preparation before you fly. Firstly, make sure you:

  • Find out your luggage limits - in terms of size and weight. Check the official airline site, your emails and even an independent site to make sure you clearly understand the rules. Airlines give hefty fines and fees for breaking these rules. Don`t give them the satisfaction and be prepared to play their silly little games.

  • Invest in some decent luggage - it will save you money and allow you to pack more if it is the right size. Frequent flyers especially should see luggage as an investment - if will probably be cheaper than fines you will avoid.

Useful Packing Lists

You may find this packing list useful:

Example Packing list

Use a Packing List

Use a Packing list to pack smarter
Use a Packing list to pack smarter | Source

Step 2 Use a Packing List

Using a packing list is just common sense and is essential if you plan on travelling hand luggage only so even if you are lazy - try and make a basic list!

It is useful in coordinating what you are going to take and means you don`t try and take the kitchen sink.

A little advice - If you are not going to use something twice don`t take it.

Step 3 Roll Your Clothes

Use the rolling method to save space and reduce wrinkles in your clothes. There is muchas information about how to roll your clothes or (even a bundle of information - OK that really was terrible!)

Anyway, there was a New York Times article about how flight attendants packed and by rolling people were able to pack 40 clothes!

It is a more efficient packing method and is very popular among those who might consider themselves pro packers (also known as the smart ass!)

Just Follow the Basics

Follows these basics and you will be well on your way to packing like a pro.

You will:

  1. Make sure you are prepared
  2. Don`t fall foul of airline luggage rules
  3. Use a packing list
  4. Reduce the amount you take using this list
  5. Use the rolling method.

Hopefully that really helps - if it does please share this article on Twitter, if it helps someone avoid an airline fee it will be well worthwhile writing it!


Do You Use a Packing List When You Pack

Do you use a packing list?

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      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Useful tips. Thanks.

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      ns1209 4 years ago from UK - England

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