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Packing for Fun in the Sun

Updated on October 24, 2011

Beach holidays are popular around the world. Warm sun, cool water, sandy beaches and blue skies offer pleasure, relaxation and fun. Unless of course you have packed the wrong items, in which case fun in the sun becomes bummed on the beach.

Beach holidays are popular around the world. Warm sun, cool water, sandy beaches and blue skies offer pleasure, relaxation and fun. Unless of course you have packed the wrong items, in which case fun in the sun becomes bummed on the beach. Packing for a beach holiday differs somewhat from person to person depending on individual needs. However, some basic items are needed for most beach holiday trips after taking into consideration the length of the trip and the location of the beach.


Pack climate-appropriate clothing for a beach holiday. Travelers sometimes assume they only need shorts, bathing suits and other summer clothing. It really depends on what beach you go to and what time of year it is. Even if the trip is to a tropical beach, pack a light jacket in addition to summer clothing as the beach might be cooler if it rains or during the night. Also consider taking shoes that cover more of the foot to protect feet from the hot sand while walking on the beach. Beach hats protect the head from the sun, but you can save packing space by buying a hat at the beach.


One important thing to take for an overnight beach holiday is any daily prescription medicines needed. In addition, add medicines that you usually rely on if the trip is for a few days. Make a small first aid kit with bandages, anti-sting and allergy medicines as well as scissors, burn ointment and antibiotic salve. Doing so prepares for any small medical emergency that happens while at the beach. If traveling to a beach holiday abroad, learn the area drug laws for carrying prescriptions and other medicines into the country.


Sunscreen is a must for the holiday so that it's not cut short by painful sunburn. Be sure to take sunscreen for the any kids who are going also. Other toiletries depend on personal preference, such as shampoos and deodorants. It is also personal preference whether to take them or lighten the luggage by purchasing them at the destination location. A basic rule is to take the personal must-have brands used and buy anything else needed once there. This will lighten the luggage and will allow you to go through airport security faster.

Important Papers

When traveling to a beach holiday outside of the country, take all legal documents for traveling such as a visa and passport. Take copies of medical information, child custody, insurance and other papers as needed but do not take the originals. Pack enough travelers checks for the length of your stay.


The world today is a technological one almost anywhere. Most people going on beach holidays want to take cameras to capture memories both in and out of the water. It is best to take a waterproof camera or one that has a waterproof cover. There are also cameras available that are waterproof and take pictures underwater. Take any cell phones or laptops used keeping in mind to keep them protected from sand and water, plus don't forget the cell phone charger.

Day Trips

Sometimes a beach holiday doesn’t involve air travel but a drive to a local beach destination. In this case

things you take on a beach holiday are more focused since luggage and travel times to other states or a country is not an issue.

A few beach toys like a bucket and pail, beach balls and swimming toys are good choices for kids. Fun items for adults are volleyballs, surf boards, and Frisbees. If the beach allows it, a cooler of cool drinks fit easily in a car as well as beach chairs, a beach umbrella and extra towels. Practical items depend on the family’s needs but in general extra clothes, sunscreen, diapers if needed and sun visors or sunglasses.


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