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Visiting Padstow, Port Isaac and Roseland In Cornwall

Updated on September 16, 2012

Cornwall Pictures

Cornwall Cottages
Cornwall Cottages
Port Isaac
Port Isaac
Padstow Harbour
Padstow Harbour
Cornish Cream Teas
Cornish Cream Teas
Tintagel Old Post Office
Tintagel Old Post Office

Cornwall Is Calling

Easter is almost upon us and I don't know about you but I am eagerly anticipating summer. Well, after we have enjoyed spring, that is!

I saw my first daffodils yesterday (March 20th) just starting to poke their heads above the grass verge as I drove home. And there is that smell in the air, the one that has springtime all over it. So, that means it is time to start thinking about summer holidays.

Now, as we all know airlines can be troublesome from time to time and at the moment, British Airways are proving just how true this is as their staff strike. So, I don't know about you, but I am not one to place my summer dreams and hopes in the hands of people who might just ruin things for me.

That means I shall be master of my own destination and I will be doing what I do every year. Driving myself to my holiday destination - Cornwall!

I have written many hubs on this topic but somehow I just cannot seem to stop.

I am watching a caravan on ebay. An ABI Ace jubilee Rallyman. Gorgeous caravans. Nicely laid out, comfortable and the best double bed in the world. In fact, it is more like a triple bed.

I am not sure yet what I will do. Will I bid? I don't know.

I have had 2 Rallyman caravans previously and it is a wonderful feeling to hitch up and set off for Padstow, where there are some wonderful caravan parks.

Then again, I am sort of addicted to the lovely Cornwall Holiday Cottages that are available. I suppose I like the home-from-home feel of a cottage and the fact that if I rent one with 3 bedrooms, my family can all come with me.

Its funny how, although they are grown up and 'independent' now, they still like to have a holiday with us. Could the fact that, for them, it is an all inclusive holiday with nothing to pay?!

I like to think that it is more to do with the fact that they have been going to Cornwall since they were little and now, they are simply in love with it just as much as their Mother and me.

Padstow, Port Isaac, Boscastle, The Roseland Peninsula . . . so many places to see and a whole wealth of things to do.


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    • maharg1956 profile image

      maharg1956 7 years ago from UK

      Hi Danny

      I have no idea if you will see this comment. Unable to contact you direct, but the link below is to a site that will give you good information on caravan and camping sites. I have found it extremely useful in the past when I have had caravans.

    • profile image

      Danny Brady 7 years ago

      Really interesting post. I am also thinking of visiting Cornwall this year for the first time in many many moons! I am also very much considering hiring (mayby even buying!) a caravan in time for the holiday. In preparation for this I have been looking at different sites (I am hoping to be near St Ives as I have heard good things about them) and came across this caravan holidays in st ives site which looks to be pretty decent. Do you (the poster) or anyone reading this have any experience of this site? If so could you let me know what you think? Thanks in advance. Danny

    • Georgina_writes profile image

      Georgina_writes 7 years ago from Dartmoor

      Great hub. Those are some of my favourite places, and we're spoilt by being just an hour away. Another favourite is just across the bay from Padstein. It sounds like we enjoy the same places. I wrote a diary of my visit to Downderry last year. If you're interested it's on my website (see profile page) Hope it brings a smile to your face. I'm skipping over to look at your site right now.