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Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas

Updated on March 24, 2011

Palace Station Hotel - Favorite of Asians and O.J.

The Palace Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is what is known as a locals casino. It's not terribly popular among Las Vegas vacationers, but it is one of the hotels and casinos of choice for Asians, many of whom come from the nearby Las Vegas Chinatown neighborhood, which is literally right next to the Palace Station.

Built in 1976, Palace Station has just over 1,000 rooms. One of those rooms is where O.J. Simpson threatened a man with a gun as he tried to steal back some of his memorabilia, so you could say that this hotel is one of the last places where The Juice had his freedom.

Palace Station recognizes it has a large Asian client base and caters to them with games like baccarat. They have two full-size baccarat tables along with 10 mini tables.

Rooms, prices, and entertainment

A hotel room at Palace Station starts at $27. That's for the base room without any extras like internet connection. It's ok if you're staying by yourself and you won't be bringing anyone into your room, but it's kind of crap by Las Vegas standards. If you want to impress someone, even your own spouse, at least go for a suite or a Luxury Tower room.

As with most Las Vegas hotels, you should check out their website before booking, because sometimes you can find some good package deals on rooms, food, and entertainment.

Speaking of entertainment, Palace Station has Louie Anderson. He used to host Family Feud and he also voiced characters for a cartoon back in the 90's. He's absolutely hilarious. Wait, did I write "hilarious"? That's not the word I'm looking for. "Insufferable" is what I wanted to say. Louis Anderson is absolutely insufferable! He should have to pay you to come to his show. Oh well, skip that and check out one of the many better shows on the Las Vegas Strip. Any show is better than Louie Anderson. I would rather watch an overweight escort haggle with a lonely-but-cheap business traveler for an hour than watch Louis Anderson attempt to be funny for 2 minutes.

To get to the Strip, you should probably just take a cab. It'll cost you like $10 or less, and you'll avoid the escort haggling show I already mentioned.


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