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Palms Resort in Las Vegas - A Quick Overview

Updated on March 24, 2011

Uber-luxury hotel off the Strip

The Palms Resort in Las Vegas is like a fantasy land located off the Strip. Unlike most other hotels in Las Vegas, the Palms doesn't just stick to one theme. There are fantasy suites and villas for everything for basketball fans to people who are into Barbie. The two things they all have in common is they are luxurious and they are very expensive. This playground is exclusively for those who can afford it.

You can get to the Las Vegas Strip from the Palms using a shuttle service or you can take a Las Vegas cab, which should run you less than $10. You can walk there as well, but it's about a mile and if you make the walk during the day in the summer you are probably going to be sweating profusely by the time you get there.

Rooms, rates, entertainment, and more

The Palms might have a greater selection of rooms than any other hotel in Las Vegas. They start out with the Deluxe Guestroom, which is nice even by Las Vegas standards and usually runs under $150 a night and under $100 a night on most weekdays. From there, the sky is the limit on how big of a room you want. They've got anything from the 1 or 2 story Sky Villas, which run about $25,000 a night, or the Hardwood Suite, which is a bit larger than the typical Las Vegas hotel suite. A bit larger in that it has a freakin' basketball court in it! That one also starts at $25,000 a night. Other suites were made for the Real World and people who think they're Hugh Hefner (that one is officially licensed, so no worries about the old man suing).

For those looking to save a little money, the Penthouse Suites will look something like what you saw in The Hangover (that was at Caesars Palace) and will run between $5,000 and $10,000 a night.

For entertainment, The Palms always hooks some of the best comedians, including Aziz Ansari and Lisa Lampanelli. Clubs include Moon, Rain, Ghostbar, and Rojo. The Playboy Club is an upscale lounge. Dress to impress if you're going there, or anywhere else at The Palms for that matter. During the day you can relax at the pool, the spa, or go shopping at Palms Shop.


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  • PalmsNightlife profile image

    PalmsNightlife 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

    Those suites can definitely be had for less than the retail rates. Definitely visit this site if you're looking to party at The Palms.