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Panamas Most Exclusive Destinations

Updated on April 9, 2012

When you are, searching for the perfect destination in Central America by far the most exclusive one is in Panama. There are so many things to do and see in this small, wonderful country that you will not have time to see it all. So, if it is your first time going or a return trip there are 4 exclusive destinations in Panama that are must see if you love the country as much as I do.

1. Nature- Darien's Province

There are just some places in Panama that are, so off the beaten track and worth going to that taking the time to plan your trip right becomes so important. The Darien Province in Panama is one of those exclusive places that are worth it if you can. This is a highly secluded area of panama so if you dislike camping or nature at all I would recommend staying in the city. But, if you are like me looking for that little bit of adventure then I invite you to come to this province. It has some of the most untouched beauty in the entire world. There are more species of plants and animals that are still being discovered here every day. But, this is also not a place to go alone, make sure you have a hired the proper tour guide with the proper credentials before you come. Let’s see what new discovers you can find in the beautiful tropical area.

Panama City

2. Panama has a few major cities but none with more history, elegance, or culture then in Panama City. This city is one of the most exclusive cities in the world where all of Central America seems to integrate each culture yet keep a complete, separate identity. This makes traveling through this diverse city a pleasure as well as a complete learning experience. Panama city is divided into three separate areas that offer their own experiences. In Old Panama City, right in the very heart of the city, you can discover the true history that dates back thousands of years to the Mayas. Then as you travel out word you will discover Spanish Panama filled with the history and appreciation of Spanish architecture and foods that the conquistadors settled in. Then of course there is the rest of Panama City that has all the modern shopping, nightlife, and markets that you will love to explore and experience.

Pearl Islands

3. The pearl Islands of panama is quite a unique addition that you may want to visit. They are the actual location of the Survivor Panama edition. For those that do not know Survivor was set on different islands around the world where each week a member is cast off after competitions are completed. The people must learn to survive off the land and work together to win. This area is accessible by boat and plane and only y about thirty minutes outside of panama. But, the Pearl Islands are a great place for a little out of the way adventure for those that seek it. It is also a fantastic destination for those hunting natural pearls.


4. The most elegant of nature enthusiast will love the tranquility and sublime pleasure of the hundreds of miles of natural rain forest in Panama. Panama rain forest has the most diverse and extreme conditions than any other place on earth. If, you want to experience the pure beauty of gods natural wonders than the rain forest of panama is the best place to do it. There are more opportunities to see new and exciting wildlife right in this area. Some even say there is more to this rain forest then the Amazon in Brazil. So, if this is your only trip to panama remember to take a fond leaf home to remember you adventure.


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