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Panglao Island Tour (DIY Bohol Part 3)

Updated on March 7, 2012
sketch inside Hinagdanan Cave
sketch inside Hinagdanan Cave | Source
mangroves by the pier
mangroves by the pier | Source
Dumaluan Beach - Bohol Beach club side
Dumaluan Beach - Bohol Beach club side | Source
Daks and Gams poor turtle in captivity
Daks and Gams poor turtle in captivity | Source
Bohol Panglao Tour Google map by munchwaffle
Bohol Panglao Tour Google map by munchwaffle | Source

Bohol, Philippines

We went to Dau Terminal to check the bus going to Danao since we were scheduled to do the plunge at Eat Danao before our flight to Manila, but it turned out that the only options were to have a more than 3 hour bus ride OR rent a whole van at 3500 Pesos. The bus would've made us late for the flight while renting the van for just two people is just too much!

Instead, we went for a (almost) whole day tour of Panglao Island.

Tricycle tour around Panglao was at 600P and would normally include the Bohol Bee Farm, San Agustin/Panglao Church and Shell Museum. The first two locations (Bee Farm and Church) we already saw and we ran out of time to go to the museum.

Panglao Tour Locations:

Hinagdanan Cave - 15P entrance. You could swim inside. There are cheap shirts being sold at the entrance (99P each for XS-L sizes, we got 4 shirts for my sisters; 1 shirt for hun's bro with size M, and 1 XL shirt for 200P. Hun also got a dive bohol shirt at 350P and a magnet at 70P)

Dolho Beach Resort - unopen yet, but it looks like it would be really nice

Balicasag/ Poblacion Pier - was a treat for me since the view had lots of mangroves and small boats or bancas. The boats could be hired for island hopping. At the middle of one of the mangroves was a tree house. You could also see Tagbilaran City, Virgin Islands, Balicasag Island, and Leyte if you're standing at the tip of the wooden bridge.

Dumaluan Beach Resort - is the resort that all I've talked to refers to as 'the cheap beach beside Bohol Beach Club. True enough, if you're standing at the end of the Dumaluan Beach Resort you can already see the huts of Bohol Beach Club. Entrance at Dumaluan for a daytrip is at 25P.

Just a note, Bohol Beach Club Day Trip is also not bad for 350P with 200P consumable. One could stay at the fan room of Dumaluan for 850P for 2 then just have a day trip at Bohol Beach Club ;)

DBR Grill - The food was nicely priced and tasted good, but since eating at an open area involves flies (and there's no fan), you would have to fight for your food.

Sinigang na hipon/ Shrimp on Tamarind Soup was at 150P. Large serving good for 4 people. Pork Belly was tasty and we had two orders; each for 90P. Pepsi 1.5 was at 60P

Daks and Gams - is actually an unkempt zoo. The animals all look lonely, specially the sea turtle.

Ostrich Zoo - at least the animals here looked happier. There are two Ostrich in the middle named Rose and Jack, uhuh I guess they were named during the 'Titanic' era :))

Dauis Church - which was built in the 18th century was said to have a miraculous water you could get from in front of the altar, but a mass was on-going and I had a very short shorts on so we just took a quick picture

By 3:30PM we were back at El Portal Inn for our free transport to the airport. I will definitely be back to Bohol for the other dive spots and for the Plunge - 'til next time :D

Date and Time
Price/Pax in Phil Peso
11/15/2011 7:50AM
Tricycle to Dau Terminal
Tricycle ride to Dau to check on Danao trips for the day
8:30AM to 3:30PM
Panglao Tour
Panglao Tour Locations: 1) Hinagdanan Cave, 2) Dolho Beach Resort , 3) Balicasag/ Poblacion Pier, 4) Dumaluan Beach Resort, 5) Daks and Gams, 6) Ostrich Zoo, 7) Dauis Church; Tricycle Number Contact: Nestor (09198150385)
Hinagdanan Cave
Price includes the souvenirs. If entrance only - 15P
Dolho Beach Resort
Balicasag/Poblacion Pier
Dumaluan Beach Resort
DBR Grill
Shrimp, Pork Belly, Rice and Pepsi
Daks and Gams
Ostrich Zoo
Dauis Church
Total: 1130

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    • munchwaffle profile image

      munchwaffle 6 years ago from Philippines

      thanks eddy. take care as well :)

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      A great one to go into my 'Armchair Travelling 'slot.

      Take care