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Paradise And Top Wonders Destination In Philippines includes Beach And Waterfalls Trip

Updated on January 17, 2017

My Top Number 5 will be "BADIAN"

In this place you will see the most wonderfall waterfall and is arguably the best in the whole world! Kawasan Falls is a must too visit due to its prestine waters. Its water is unbelievably blue and its stream runs with a very clear drinkable water. This is a must to visit and the price of the cottage and rooms is very affordable too.

Instructions to get here:

1.Once you arrive at the CEBU Airport ride a taxi and ask the driver if she/he can take you to South Bus Terminal

2.Once you arrived at South Bus terminal ask any dispatcher or cashier about any bus travelling to Badian(Kawasan Falls) it will be a long ride about 2-3hours so make sure to get your necessities before boarding the bus

3.The conductor of the bus should stop you to the entrance of Kawasan Falls which has a hug signage that Says KAWASAN FALLS.

4.u will have trek for about 30mins to reach the falls , dont worry you wont get lost there is only 1 path way and a small road on the way to kawasan . dont be afraid to ask any locals, they are very friendly and accomodating and they can understand english as english is philippines other language

5.there will be 3 levels of the falls , once you arrived at the first you can even go further.

i recommend level 3 if u dont like to mingle with a lot of people, level 2 is a bit crowded and fun.


My 4th Pick would be "Moalboal"

Well i have been to a lot of beaches in the central part of the Philippines and i would say Moalboal has a lot of amazing beaches in the place And there are a lot of fun activities to do aswell! if you do something fun and have a thrill once in your life. Canyoneering would be my suggestion and guess what? it is found in Moalboal too! and lots of cool stuffs can be experienced here too like having night life with the locals and diving underwater!

CHILI BAR:nightlife


1.Once you arrived at the airport find any taxi driver and ask if they could drive you to South Bus Terminal

2.Once you arrived at South Bus Terminal ask any dispatcher what bus is going to travel to Moalboal, like badian travel time will be 2-3hrs so make sure to have your commodites ready

3.Once you arrived at Moalboal , hotels and hostel are at the side of the road so pick one , they have almost the same rate prices so you dont have to worry about your budget. every hotels should be offering the said activities.


CHILI BAR:nightlife


Yes I Know Its Completely Overwhelming, Well Heres My 3rd Pick "

Anyways whether you are looking to stay in a 5star hotel or just a nice amazing hotel, Mactan island BlueWater is my Top pick. now i dont know how many stars does this hotel have but i can say that man! this hotel is the nicest hotel i ever stayed! not to mention its beaches and amazing commodities! And guess what the food is crazy amazing! buffet has filipino, western, korean , japanese and the list goes on. This hotel in mactan is a must to stay but hold your horses! it comes with a price and its a bit over the budget so heads up :)

Address: Buyong Rd, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu
Phone:(032) 492 0100


1. Once you arrive at the airport find any taxi driver that could take you to mactan maribago bluewaters

2. Once you arrive at the hotel you should be entertained directly with the hotel lobby staff and be assisted just that easy!

I Know Right? This Places Gives Us Chills And Just Want To Be Summer Ready! my Top Number 2 Will Be "Camotes Island Santiago Bay"

If you're looking for the right definition of paradise look no more! ill be giving you Camotes Island Santiago Bay! this island is untouched and the place is just indescribable, if i were to rate this place it would be 10/10! hotel is amazing, food is burptastic! i wish i could have more of it hahaha!

this place is good for couples and family who is looking for a quite place that has a perfect landscape, you should try and visit this place for an amazing experience of your life! and guess what? it has an amazing cave aswell that can be explored? creepy? noooo it is well naturally lighted by some glimmer reflection of the water i know! its amazing hahaha!

camotes island mangodlong paradise beach resort P3226 ($73.3)
timubo cave


1. once you arrived at the airport find a taxi that could take you to DANAO PORT

2. once in danao port book your shipping schedule to Consuelo port

3.find any transportation it should be a motored bike with side cars on it fee would be about $0.5 dollars per head

Danao Port (Cebu) to Consuelo Port (Camotes):

5:30AM, 8:30AM, 11:00AM, 2PM, 5:30PM, 9:00PM

Consuelo Port (Camotes) to Danao Port (Cebu):

4AM, 5:30AM, 9AM, 1PM, 3PM, 5PM

FINALLY! The Last And Certainly Isnt The Least , My Top Number 1 Pick Would be !! "Kalanggaman Island Leyte"

Now this Sandbar Islet Will Just take your breath away! hahaha not literally though but heyyyyy it is 100% i guarantee you that your maldives tour will be just around 6/10 compared to this destination! and guess what it would be around maybe 5% of the money youre shelling out compared on your maldives tour so book in your flight now and come enjoy this Wonder!

500day 750overnight tour

pumpboat rental P3000($66.6) 15cap cottage P250($5.55)


1. Once you arrvied at mactan airport cebu, take a taxi to malapascua resort

2.ask the hotel attendant if there is any pumpboat sailing to kalanggaman island

500day 750overnight tour

pumpboat rental P3000($66.6) 15cap cottage P250($5.55)


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