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Paralian Tranquility

Updated on October 25, 2016

How about Christmas Island style?

Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, Bahamas
Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, Bahamas | Source

How about Christmas island style?

When most of us think of Christmas we think of family, friends, food, trees, decorations, lights, parties and gifts. We think of highways, traffic jams, malls, long lines at the checkout counter then the decision of what to buy for whom and will they like it. Then let's not forget the last minute rush to the stores for somethings or another. There seems to always be those items or things that your 'forgetery' forgot no matter how well you seem to plan for Christmas.

But what do you want for Christmas? What would you like your Christmas to be like warm or cold, rushed or relaxed? How much thought have you put into that decision?

Many that live up north will experience snow, cold and wind, the joys of shoveling snow/ice and layers of clothes. Wouldn't you just love to get away from all of that and spend Christmas on an island as beautiful as Spanish Wells?

Just imagine:

Come and see your presents under a Palm Tree!

Come and shovel sand in a bucket instead of snow!

Come and have your "White Christmas" only difference it will be white sand instead of snow!

Come and imagine Santa riding on ski's being pulled by dolphins instead of a sleigh and reindeer!

Come and celebrating Christmas in Spanish Wells and you can definitely say "Warmest Wishes"!

Come and make sand castles instead of making snowballs!

Come to Spanish Wells and add some color - work on a tan in December!

Come and find a STAR - a starfish!

Come and find yourself willing to waste time over Christmas in Spanish Wells - you know - not doing anything, just chillin' and relaxing!

Come and instead of drinking egg nog drink in some the fresh sea-air!

Come and have some beach therapy in December - it's free!

Come and experience all that the sea and sun can offer!

Come and experience Junkanoos - island celebration!

Come and celebrate Christmas and watch the beautiful sunrises and sunsets instead of an elf on a shelf!

Come and instead of stuffing your stocking with candy - come and try some of the local sweets, pastries, cakes etc!

Come and instead of counting the 12 Days of Christmas come and count some waves!

Come and instead of counting how much you have on our to do list come and count the steps you can walk on the beach!

Come and have a "Blue Christmas" - on an island surrounded by beautiful blue water!Come - don't keep dreaming about it - say you will do it - make it happen!

Honestly, why wouldn't you want to spend Christmas in Spanish Wells?

Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, Bahamas
Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, Bahamas | Source


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