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Paravithota Cottage in Ingiriya Sri Lanka

Updated on April 6, 2011

Good, but can be better

Paravithota Cottage in Ingiriya is a nature resort, built near a beautiful fresh water stream. The bungalow is more suited for a one day outing, although there is one room available for people who wish to stay longer. Ingiriya and surrounding area have a reputation for beautiful nature resorts and Paravithota cottage will have to do a bit more to be recognized as a great destination. As with most holiday bungalows near Ingiriya, the main attraction is the fresh water stream with a well formed natural rock pool for safe bathing.Don't expect a luxurious stay with superb facilities and great food, but it's a good places to have a barbeque, enjoy a bath while having a drink and generally to spend a relaxing time. Check the rest of the article to find out the various facilities available to you and my observations before deciding on going there.

Rock pool near the Paravithota cottage, Perfect for everyone
Rock pool near the Paravithota cottage, Perfect for everyone

Activities and Facilities Available at Paravithota Cottage

Below are some facilities available for you at the bungalow.

  • Natural Rock Pool - This is the main attraction. There is a large well formed rock pool which can easily accommodate 25-30 people. It is deep enough for a swim and shallow enough so you can stand up without drowning. There is a nice rock surface beside the pool where you can prepare a barbeque or spend some relaxing time enjoying a drink.
  • Small ground - There is a small ground well covered in grass if you want to do some outdoor activities. Enough for a game of cricket if you are willing to keep the big shots in check. This can be used for parking as well.
  • Air Conditioned Room - There is one air conditioned room with a double bed. The attached bathroom if fitted with modern equipment and hot water is also available.
  • Barbeque facilities - If you bring the necessary items the hotel staff will prepare the barbeque for you. You can have it near the rock pool making it very convenient.
  • Satellite TV and CD/DVD players - Ingiriya get quite a bit of rain, so these will come in handy if you happen to visit there on a rainy day.
  • Meals - Meals are prepared upon request and you can decide the menu. There is a nice pavilion area where you can enjoy the meal.

Map to Paravithota Cottage

Directions to Paravithota Cottage
Directions to Paravithota Cottage

Things to be Improved

Although Paravithota cottage is a good place for it to reach the standards of other resorts in the area like God's Paradise and The Retreat there have to be some improvements.

  • One of the main problem was the lack of water. At one stage there was no water coming from the taps and it was fixed only after it was informed. The reason given was that the tank was not full. That is hardly a good excuse for a paying customer. This could be a one off incident but be mindful of this when visiting.
  • The road to the cottage from the main road in not the best, but I guess that is something out of control of the cottage management.
  • The hut at the front isn't well maintained. The steps were creaking and one of the wooden steps broke when we were there, luckily there were no major injuries, but this is down to poor maintenance.

Visited Paravithota Cottage ? Share your experience

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    • profile image

      Ruwan 3 years ago

      This is not a good place to enjoy. No security, No good food, No facilities.

    • profile image

      Rukshana Samarasundera 6 years ago

      I too visited Paravithota Cottage with my family where we stayed overnight. I agree wholeheartedly with all the above comments, especially the lack of water in the washroom and toilet. This was a major problem we faced, and was not put right even after we complained. Our meals were prepared at another location outside the cottage, so we had no control over this aspect until it was served to us. ideally this place is good for a small group of (2 -4) persons if staying overnight. The natural pool was fantastic but we had to go very early in the morning or late evening so as to avoid the large crowds coming there for a day out (it's a public area) and the saddest part is they leave all the litter about. I would conclude by saying that we did not actually get value for the money we spent there.