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Paris Attacks 2015

Updated on March 21, 2016

On November 13th 2015, the world stood in shock while hearing the news about the terrorist attacks on Paris. At roughly 9PM in Paris, the first explosion went off, which was then followed by a number of different explosions and gunfire. The explosions and gunfire lasted just a few hours, but in that time, at least 130 innocent people were killed. It is now one of the biggest terrorist attacks that have ever occurred in Europe. These attacks struck fear into the hearts of many and brought them to the realization of how dangerous terrorist attacks are.

After researching the terrorist attacks on Paris, I have noticed a few interesting things. Obviously all of the websites that are very informational and focus mostly on the facts. It seemed to be more so on the websites that are being run from America. Reading through CNN, The Telegraph and The Washington Post felt like reading just a bunch of dictionaries. All 3 of them were great for information, but it was just that, information. In most of the articles that I read, I did not feel like there was much passion behind the writing. It seemed as if the articles were written to just inform the reader. Obviously informing the reader is extremely important, but there needs to be something in the article that makes the reader want to read more. Obviously the terrorist attacks on Paris are already interesting but I just did not feel the passion that I was expecting. After reading articles on these three websites, I was a little disappointed because I thought the journalists would have written them with more fire and passion. I then realized that this event happened in France, so I tried to go straight to the source. It turns out that journalists in France write articles in French, so I was not able to read them. I decided to settle for a different country in Europe because it is close to France. I looked up an English website and read an article about the attacks. The article I read was more of what was expected of the articles that I first read. This article was also very informational but I could feel the passion and the love for the people of Paris as I read it. This article had a lot of information, pictures, videos and was well written. It was overall a better article than the ones on the other websites.

The difference in the quality of the articles is very obvious because of the different elements that went into writing them. It is very clear that the article on the English website is a lot better because the writer was closer to the country and was hit harder by the events than the other writers. No one is being bias or anything of that nature, but it is easy to see which writer was hurt more by the events. A writer in England is more likely to write a better article about an event in France than an American writer. The quality of newspaper and website articles are greatly affected by the area in which the writer is living as well as the connection the writer has to the event.


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