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Park City-SnyderVille Water Reclamation District

Updated on July 3, 2011
enjoy the vacation park city-snyderville in the utah can offer
enjoy the vacation park city-snyderville in the utah can offer

Park City-Snyderville is the place to go for those that have an interest in paying attention to the reclamation services as well as the wastewater collection available. That’s right. Situated strategically atUtahin theUnited States of America, this place is well known for its water reclamation. Here, people will be able to see a couple of water reclamation facilities in operation. One of the facilities is known as the SCWRF which stands for Silver Creek Water Reclamation Facility. The other is usually called the ECWRF which stands for East Canyon Water Reclamation Facility. To help support the operation of this water reclamation district, there is a certified laboratory in use. In addition to that, the district also has some industrial as well as commercial programs available.

However, even though the Park City-Snyderville may seem to be quite a serious place, there are quite a few attractions available. It has the kinds of recreations for both youths and adults. Take the parks for example. When people pay a visit to this particular spot, they will also be able to visit the Willow Creek, Trailside, Ecker Hill, Pavilion Reservations, and Fields at Rest.

The latest addition to the attractions available at the Park City-Snyderville is the Willow Creek park. Situated at the intersection of theSplit Rail Laneand theOld Ranch Road, it is quite an appealing community park for most of the people that come to this place.

This community park has seventeen and a half acres of spaces that are divided into a picnic pavilion, volleyball courts, 2 tennis courts, basketball courts, and of course, restrooms. Also, another good thing about the Willow Creek park is that it suits both adults and youths. As a matter of fact, there are 2 areas specially featured for children. One of these areas is meant for those ranging from 2 to 5 years old and the other is for children from 5 to 12.

If people visit this spot in summer, they will have even more options of attractions to choose. This is because there is an irrigation pond measuring1 acrethat is open in summer. In addition to that, for those that come in winter, they can use this irrigation pond to perform some ice skating activities.

Besides the parks, another thing that also contributes towards the attractiveness of the Park City-Snyderville is the Fieldhouse. There are not few visitors that make sure they visit this place when they come to this water reclamation district.


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