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Campbell Park, Philadelphia

Updated on April 04, 2007

Campbell Square

Campbell Square is located at the corner of Allegheny Avenue & Belgrade Avenue. It is a 3 acre park that lies in the heart of the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia. Established in the late 1800's as Allegheny Square, and then renamed in 1959 as Campbell Square, this charming passive park remains the central public gathering place for the community. Campbell Square is literally 5 minutes from City Hall via I-95, as it is just 4 blocks west of the highway. It also can be easily reached by bus, subway, or bike. Campbell Square is owned by the City and under the management of the Department of Recreation. FYI: Public parks in Philadelphia are generally under either the Fairmount Park system or the Department of Recreation.

Remember to NEVER VISIT THE PARK AFTER DARK, and to try not to visit the park alone. Always think SAFETY COMES FRIST and your will be able to have an enjoyable time and stay out of harms way.

Friends of Campbell Square

The Friends of Campbell Square (FOCS) is a not-for-profit group composed of community volunteers, that was established in late 1999 by five neighbors. Their mission is as follows: "We are dedicated to the revitalization and preservation of the oldest public square in Port Richmond for the benefit of the entire community and future generations." FOCS cleans (picks up trash) and cares for trees, gardens, and turf. They also organize outdoor summer and holiday events.

Starting in 1999, FOCS volunteers reclaimed a neglected zone and transformed it back into a community treasure. In 2002 FOCS started bringing outdoor summer music and movie events and Halloween and Christmas celebrations to the community. In late 2002, after a few years of establishing a solid track record, the Friends of Campbell Square (FOCS) were awarded a competitive Partnership Park grant from Philadelphia Green through the William Penn Foundation. They used the grant to upgrade the park and build FOCS's capacity. This grant period coincided with major park renovations funded by the state's Department of Conservation or Natural Resources (DCNR) and the city for 14 neighborhood city parks.

On of the most visible projects that came out of this period is the new archway. This public art sculpture was commisioned by FOCS and designed and forged by Warren Holzman. The many scenes that are embedded within the arch's design illustrate the history, values, memories and aspirations of the Port Richmond neighborhood. Nearly a half million dollars have been invested in Campbell Square since FOCS was established. These monies came from multiple sources and were coordinated in a sustainable and cohesive way, thanks to many dedicated people and the stewardship of FOCS. In 2005 FOCS expanded the summer series for three months of "SUMMER FUN" so families, seniors and everyone can have a great place to go.


FOCS hosts weekly "Community in the Park" nights on Monday, 6:30-7:30 PM June-Oct and many weekends. For more information on Campbell park and on FOCS visit or contact Mickey Flaville at 215-739-5067.


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    CS! 8 years ago


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    Valerie Arhondakis 4 years ago

    Philadelphia Parks & Recreation welcomes back

    Art in the Park


    Arts & Crafts Classes

    (traveling to your park sites)


    September 8th through Oct 27th


    Malcolm X Park (M),

    Marconi Plaza Park (TU),

    Three new locations:

    Vernon Park (W),

    Campbells Square (TH),

    Sister Cities (Sat 10am to 12pm),

    Fisher Park (Sat 11am to 2pm)


    September 8th through Oct27th


    4:00PM to 6:00PM (M-TH)

    11:00 AM to 2:00PM (Sat)


    For kids of all ages...parents too!



    For more information or to have a brochure/application for our

    ART programs call Valerie Arhondakis at 215-683-1997.

    Valerie Arhondakis Visual Arts Coordinator 215-683-1997

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