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Passport Renewal Rerequirements Online in Philippines -- Department of Foreign Affairs

Updated on April 10, 2011

Passport Online Renewal

My Philippine passport recently got expired. The time before a passport expires is usually five years. I was thinking that maybe it will be a lot of hassle and there will be a lot of requirements especially with my experiences with other bureaucracies here in the Philippines. Luckily, they now have an online passport renewal and it's really not that hard. Just by being at home, right in front of your computer, you can easily get your reservation for passport renewal. There is also a lot of information like requirements and fees you will be paying for. This makes sure that when you do go to the DFA or Department of Foreign Affairs office, you won't be wasting your time and will be able to get your new passport quickly.

Just go on the link of their official website and that's it. You can now get yourself an appointment through their Passport Application Appointment System. This is supposedly some of the things they are doing with taxpayer's money. It is quite helpful and better than going there without any prior information, especially for those who are renewing their passport for the first time.

I think eventually governments should really utilize the internet more. The internet and new forms of social media are so powerful and can really be used to safeguard the rights of individuals and create transparency in order to expose the government's wasteful spendings. I watched this TED talk video by David Cameron about how the information revolution can help limit the powers and spendings of governments. He calls the present the post-bureaucratic age. It's not really so related with passport renewal here in the Philippines but hey it's just something I thought I'd share. 

Passport Renewal Philippines
Passport Renewal Philippines
Requirements for Passport Renewal here in the Philippines
Requirements for Passport Renewal here in the Philippines

Passport Renewal Requirements

I guess you do need a new passport photo. It's really not that hard. Just make sure it's the official passport photo size. Plus, if you have your old passport with you, I doubt if there'll be other problems you'll be encountering.

There are also a lot of DFA accredited places where you can get help with passport information or other things about traveling or locations and branches of the DFA offices here in Manila or anywhere else in the Philippines. But be sure to avoid fakes, there are many scams out there right now that can get your money from you for nothing. Be sure not to pay anyone or send money anywhere unless you know that it's an actual requirement by the DFA. it's really best not to deal with fixers in order to avoid scams.

Some people think that this is me wearing a black hat on but really I'm just sharing a story. I did not force anyone to go to this website. It's not my fault that Google is beatable: Beating the Search Engine

Passport Renewal Fees

The price for the regular processing of the Philippine passport renewal is Php 950.00 and you'll ideally be able to get your passport in 25 working days. Buf if you're in a hurry, then there's also the Rush Processing that will be worth 1200 pesos.

There's a couple of requirements that you will be needing to have during this whole process and this is all stated in the E-passport online renewal sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs here in the Philippines. If you're still a bit doubtful of other information you can give them a call at their telephone numbers. I am sure they'll be willing to help out taxpayers because that's where they get all their money.

The passport is a state contract of some sort or agreement that can also be used for identification. It's like saying that the government of the Philippines is backing you up that all the information there is true such as your age, birthday, address, and other information you might be needing if you go abroad. The concept of passports have been used for many years now. I am sure you have many questions such as:

  • Where are the DFA or Department of Foreign Affairs offices?
  • What is the contact number of the DFA?
  • What are the requirements for renewing an expired Philippine passport?
  • What will I do in the case the my passport is lost?
  • How much is the renewal of passports in the Philippines?
  • What are the passport renewal fees?
  • Can I renew my passport online?
  • How do you get an appointment to DFA online?

For more information or other questions just go to the official website of DFA Passport Appointment System.


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    • Harry Santos profile image

      Harry Santos 6 years ago from Metro Manila, Philippines

      Thank you!

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      Emma 6 years ago from Houston TX

      nice information and well shared with us here. keep on the good work.