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Patrick Henry Inn & Square Acceptable low end hotel in a Historic Distric

Updated on February 5, 2012

Patrick Henry Inn & Square Hotel


A Decent Hotel for What You Pay

We stayed at the Patrick Henry Square & Inn for two nights. This hotel is a bit outdated and the rooms are older looking but it is not to be compared to a resort, as it is an older hotel in a major attraction area. What sells this hotel is its excellent location to the historic area of Williamsburg, Water Country USA, and Busch Gardens.

The hotel exterior is older and could use some updating, but again, it does not take away from the fact that this hotel is close to all major attractions, and for what you pay you cannot go wrong. The lobby is quite nicely adorned with period decor and is also home to the breakfast area, which by the way offers all guests a continental breakfast from 7-9am. Although not a large sit down breakfast they do have items like fruit (oranges, apples, bananas), bagels, assorted muffins, and breakfast pastries. They also have orange juice and apple juice, as well as coffee and tea. For $49 a night this is definintely an added bonus for families trying to save money.

Behind the breakfast area is a business/internet area that offers guests the use of three computers and right off of this the hotel pool is situated. The pool itself looks clean and is open until 10pm each night but since it is relatively small, you may find it too crowded.

It is quite evident that the hallways of this hotel are in dire need of updating. Walking through the hall in this hotel almost remind me of some Steven King movie. The rooms do contain two double beds, a table and chairs, a dresser, and a night stand and are typical for an olde hotel. Again, one must be careful not to compare this hotel to the many newer hotels in the area, as it is much older.

The hotel recently started offering activities in the newer section of this hotel, which is the timeshare section. The activities are in line with the theme of the area and ghost tours are one of its main scheduled activities.

Patrick Henry Square Sister Resort

Patrick Henry Square is a decent resort, especially for those on a budget and whose main reason for going to Wiliamsburg is for the theme parks (Busch Gardens and Water Country USA) and Historic Williamsburg. However, if your style is more about upgraded accommodations or more than just a hotel room then look no further. This resort also runs a Timeshare portion and offers 1 and 2 bedroom accommodations, which are much nicer and more spacious. They are mostly timeshare rented but from time to time the general public can rent them out.

They are absolutely beautiful and the best part of this resort is its location. Both the Hotel and resort are ideally located 1/2 mile from the heart of Historic Williamsburg and one can easily walk to where you would like to go. Additionally, you are only 2 1/2 miles from Water Country USA and 2 miles from Busch Gardens. All of these reasons alone make this hotel/resort a great choice for young and old alike.

Patrick Henry Square Resort


Recreation in Williamsburg Virginia

Williamsburg Virginia is the traveler's delight, offering up a mlutitude of things to do depening on your interests. Do you like adventure? Are you a Theme Park enthusiast? If so, why not head to Busch Gardens Theme Park, home of the Loch Ness Monster coaster and the Griffon. Busch Gardens is an impressive and beautiful landscape. Walking through the park gives you a feel for being in Europe. The park is keep very clean but most of all, it is well groomed and themed to match its name.

If this gets old quick, why not head over to Water Country USA (Busch gardens sister water park). Water Country USA has been rated one of the top water parks in the country and boasts many great water rides, including Aquazoid (an intense water ride almost entirely in the dark). if you happend to arrive when the park opens you will be able to get on all major water rides at least once and take things in at your leisure for the rest of the day. Another well known attraction in this park is Hubba Hubba Highway, a jet powered lazy river type ride that allows the rider to come and go at their own leisure. When we were here we splurged at reserved one of the cabanas near Hubba Hubba Highway. Although it may seem expensive (it was $99 for us but we are passholders), it includes 12 bottled drinks, towels for up to 6 people, sunscreen and a locker. It also has chairs and loungers for your comfort. However, the best feature for larger families like ours is the fact that we had a safe place to meet up (or just take a break) and no one got lost ever.

If none of this interests you, then take a trip to Historic Williamsburg. This area is a relic of the former town from back in earlier days and tickets can be purchased if you wish to partake in activities or go inside many of the buildings. We decided against this and instead took our own tour by just walking around the area both during the day and at night. In fact, after most things closed for the night we were able to see just as much as those who purchased tickets without paying the high price associated with buying tickets. Either way, this is a must do if you are Williamsburg.


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