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Pattaya Bar Girls

Updated on June 11, 2013

Pattaya bar girls are an integral part of the nightlife in Pattaya. There are said to be thousands of bars in Pattaya, which means there must be thousands of Thai bar girls working throughout the city. The numbers are really quite amazing. If you make a trip to Pattaya you will shocked to see so many beautiful Thai girls all in one place. That is also what brings so many men to Thailand on their holidays every year.

Most people don’t understand what Pattaya bar girls do for a living, and why so many pretty Thai girls choose to work in the bars in Pattaya for a living. Life in rural Thailand can be hard and coming to a place like Pattaya can be a lucrative option for many Thai women. There is money to be made here, even if it is in the form of prostitution. They can make more money in a week in a Pattaya beer bar than they could back home on the farm for a month.

The bar girls of Pattaya essentially work of one main bar, but may freelance at other bars or on Walking Street as well. Their job is to get farangs, foreigners, to come into the bars and have a drink or many drinks. They also work the customers in a very pleasant way by chatting them up and joking around with them. They make money or a commission when someone buys them a lady drink. It’s not a lot of money, so the Thai girls working in the bar try to get as many as they can.

The other way that bar girls make money is by going with a customer. They can go for either a short time or long time. A short time is usually an hour of less, and a long time in Thailand is her staying with you all night. The customer pays a bar fine, which is essentially a fee for taking the girl out of the bar. The price for a short time or long time varies by where you meet the bar girls, and your negation skills. Long Time cost more than short time, obviously. Thai Go-go girls on Walking Street will usually charge more than a bar girl from Soi 6.

Some of the Thai girls that work in the bar are new to the scene and very sweet. You will also meet Thai girls that have been working in the bar for a long time and are quite hardened. What type of Pattaya girl you are looking for is up to you, and you can find most types available here. For more Pattaya Information Check out These hubs:

Though Pattaya bar girls are essentially prostitutes, you should always treat them with respect and they will return the favor in kind. It is a hard way to make a living, and they have to but up with a lot of bad guys that visit Pattaya. Treat them well, take them out to dinner, the movies, and a bar girl in Pattaya may just be the best girl friend you’ve ever had.


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    • profile image

      Pattaya Girls 6 years ago

      Everything you have explained about Pattaya girls in this hub is true, I still have a Pattaya girlfriend and we speak on Skype and she is like my best friend, checkout my pics of her at my blog!