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Pattaya Beach & Pattaya Resorts

Updated on December 16, 2011

Pattaya Secrets

OK, so it has been nearly a week since I returned from my Pattaya beach holiday and a month since I wrote my last hub, this is mainly to do with my dedication to my new website GirlofPattaya but I thought it was due time that I shared some Pattaya secrets with my friends here since I know they are eager to see what I discovered.

I must admit I was expecting my holiday to involve meeting some beautiful Pattaya girls and experiencing some Thailand culture but I was going on a budget so I didn't expect to see as much as I did. After meeting an English friend on an online forum I was shown the best nightclubs in Pattaya which are Insomnia and Lucifer and this was where I was to meet my girlfriend and tour guide for the rest of the holiday.

The good thing about having a local to show you around is that you will pay local prices for food and also for the Baht bus, upon immediate arrival I was tricked by a taxi driver and ended up paying the same price I would of in the UK.

Big Buddha Pattaya

About 10 minutes drive from Walking Street Pattaya by Baht bus taxi was the Big Buddha statue on the mountain, many Thai people come here to pay their respects and light incense as my girlfriend did. Not only is there this magnificent statue but there is also a smaller one for each day of the week that surrounds it and these can be seen on my Youtube channel.

There is a magnificent ascent of steps you must climb in order to see the statues where your are embraced by two long reaching arms in the form of the Buddhist snake god Naga and further to this the sides of the mountain include a long row of bells which you are allowed to ring with the clubs provided.

Elephant Village Pattaya

As you can see in my above photograph or in the video embedded below, we visited Elephant village which took about 20 minutes moped ride from Beach Road where my Pattaya hotel was situated. At Elephant village it costs 1000 Baht per person for a one hour elephant ride around the surround countryside and then you are invited to eat local fruits as refreshment afterwards.

Thai Food

Firstly I just want to mention that the above white statue was also photographed at Big Buddha mountain which had memorials to Confucius and other wise people of the East, I believe the white statue is of the Hindu god 'Shiva' at least that what my Thai girl said.

I tried a lot of Thai food because it was cheaper and generally more tasty, although we did pig out on McDonalds and KFC a few times. The food was so hot it flared up my acid reflux but I tried to eat sweet and sour as well as lots of prawn/shrimp recipes. I wasn't too experimental because my stomach was already adapting to the local water, although my friends ate octopus, squid and chickens feet.

Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya

Lastly I want to include the above photo of the Sanctuary of Truth temple which is also about 20 minutes drive by taxi from my Beach Road Pattaya hotel, one photograph really doesn't do it justice and most of my documenting was done by purchasing posters of it or my 2 Youtube videos.

The entire temple is made from wood and there are thousands of hand sculpted images on the outside alone, constantly being added to by the Malaysian workers who are busy in the workshop below. The temple is actually only for show and no Buddhist monks inhabit it, it is only been built in the last 10 years but you can say prayers at the shrines inside.

Bangkok River Boat Ride


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