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Pattaya Nightlife

Updated on June 11, 2013

Pattaya Nightlife is one of the major things that Thailand is known for. Pattaya is the nighttime entertainment capitol of Thailand. Known for its bars, drinking, dancing, and of course the bar girls. The party goes on there all night long. It is also a beach resort area known for its adult entertainment.

There are a variety of things available in Pattaya Thailand when looking to entertain yourself at night. Beer Bars, Go-Go Bars, Disco’s, and Walking Street are the most popular venues. They all center around, drinking, dancing, and girls, or some combination of the three.

The Pattaya Beer Bars are located all around the city. They are usually small open air bars, with crowds ranging from small to large. The bar girls, as they are referred to, are there to help persuade you to come in and have a drink. Once inside they will often keep you company with a chat. They make their money off of lady drinks, and bar fines. If you buy a bar girl a drink they get a small commission from it. If you decide you like the lady you can pay her bar fine and take her from the bar. The bar girls will go home with you for the night. That negation of fee is separate from the bar fine and paid to the girl directly.

Pattaya Go-Go’s are pretty much what you would expect from the name. There are plenty of Thai Girls dancing around on stage to music. If one catches your eye, you can have her come over after her dance is over. The go-go girls in Pattaya will also go home with you for the night. The bar fine is usually slightly higher than in beer bars in Pattaya.

You can also spend the night of one of Pattaya’s Disco night clubs. The action does start to get going till later in the night. There are many well know discos around Pattaya including Lucifer’s, Insomnia, and Marine Disco. If you are looking for a girl and have not found a companion for the night, there are plenty of freelancers working in the Pattaya night clubs.

Walking Street is the center of Pattaya Nightlife. The road is a section of Beach Road that shuts down to vehicle traffic in the late afternoon. For the rest of the night it is only open to people walking. One visit to Walking Street and people know why Pattaya has a well known reputation for Nightlife. Loud music coming from the bars, bright neon signs everywhere, and plenty of Pattaya Girls working everywhere. Not for the faint of heart, and shocking to a first time Pattaya visitor, this is the center of Pattaya Nightlife. Check out some other Pattaya and Thailand Related Hubs.

Pattaya is well known for it’s crazy nightlife, and for good reason. One trip and you will be thinking about when you can next make it back.


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