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Pattaya Thailand Hotels - Finding The Best Deal

Updated on June 12, 2013

Finding A Hotel in Pattaya Thailand

When you are planning your trip to Pattaya Thailand one of the many things on your pre-trip checklist is to find and book a hotel. Pattaya is a major tourist destination, and gets a large amount of it's tourist dollars from the European market. That being said, they also have a greater amount of resources available to them to book their trips than the Americans. But with the Internet, now all those same resources are available to all.

Being a major tourist spot, there is an overwhelming number of hotel and resort options in Pattaya. The city is literally covered with them. Pattaya is a large enough city that you need to make location one of your prime considerations. You don't want to be on a romantic beach vacation only to find out you booked a hotel over a beer bar on Soi Yamato. Neither you or your sweetie will be too happy.

If you are looking to book a hotel right in the action and nightlife, but still have a little quiet time there are plenty of hotel or resort options for you. Unless you are willing to pay for the high end diggs of a beach resort, you will want to find accommodations on second or third road. They can be a little bit quieter and still within walking distance of the beach, bars, restaurants, and nightlife.

The beaches in Pattaya are not that great. They look great, but the ocean is a bit of a mess. If you spend a few hours there you will find that not many people actually swim in the ocean, and for good reason. Because of that, you may want to make sure the place you are staying has a pool for you to lounge at during the day. If you really are a beach person, the sands of Jomtien Beach are a short Baht Bus ride away.

If you look, I have no doubt you will find Pattaya Thailand hotels that will suite all your needs. With so many options to choose from, you will have more than your fair share to pick from.

Pattaya Beach Thailand

Boats On The Beach - Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya Beach Scene

When Can I Find The Best Deal?

The best deals can be found during the low season which is between May and October.  This time of year the weather is hot and humid.  I didn't stop sweating from when I left the airport till the time I boarded the plane.

The low season is also the rainy season.  This is usually not a big deal as the storm clouds roll in rain for an hour and the skies clear up once again.  It is actually kind of nice since it cools down the air and reduces the humidity, if only for a short while.

There can be times when the heavens open up with a torrential down pour.  Several inches of rain can fall in a few hours, and thanks to the horrible drainage in Pattaya, you kind find the streets flooded.  I have seen pictures of gents up to their knees in water standing in the river that used to be the road in front of their hotel.  But don't worry this is the exception rather than the rule.

Probably the best time to go to Thailand is in the Shoulder or High Season.  Right before the peak season during December through February.  November has been my favorite month so far.  It has cool weather, the humidity and rain are almost non-existent.  The rates are on their way up, but you can still get very nice accommodations on the cheap.

Booking Your Pattaya Hotel Online

The best way to book your Pattaya Hotel is to do so online. You will have several options to choose from. You can use one of the major US sites, international sites, or you can book directly with the hotel.

Most Americans are used to arranging their travel accommodations online through one of the big travel agencies like Expedia or Orbitz. I have found that these companies are great for booking domestically or even in Mexico or Europe, but they tend to lack the inventory when it comes to South East Asia, and Thailand in particular. You can look here first in order to get an idea of what is out there, and what the price point is, but I would only start there and move on to other resources.

There are a couple companies based out of Europe and Asia that really cater to the online travel market in Thailand. They have a large amount of inventory and selections to choose from, and often you will find some excellent deals. Two places I would suggest looking into are Agoda and Asiaweb for your hotel needs in Pattaya. They are backed by large companies, and I would feel safe booking a room through them. If you have any issues with checking in, you will have someone to contact to sort things out. Plus, I like the security of knowing the company that takes my credit card information online. I won't give it out to the smaller travel sites that book rooms in Thailand.

The other option you can use is to find a Pattaya Hotel and book directly with them. If you spend some time on the various travel forums in the Thailand sections you can get some great recommendations for accommodations. These folks have been there, or are currently on the ground. The other place to look are websites like Tripadvisor where users rate hotels and resorts that they have stayed at. If I'm going to be staying at a new place, I like to have recommendations, especially in the developing world.

If you are going to book directly with a hotel in Pattaya, avoid faxing or emailing over your credit card information. This is a request you may run into from time to time. Although I'm sure the hotels are on the up and up, it is not a good idea to send your secure personal information to a place where anyone can get to it.

Well there you have it. My tips for finding yourself a hotel or resort in Pattaya Thailand. Best of luck and I hope you enjoy your stay in the Land of Smiles.

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