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Pay more for Petrol in Malaysia

Updated on October 26, 2008
Is There Cheaper Petrol
Is There Cheaper Petrol

Travelling to Malaysia

Channel News Asia reported, "Some Singaporeans said they may cut back on trips to Malaysia once the proposed ban on the sale of petrol and diesel to foreign registered vehicles within a 50-kilometre radius of Malaysia's borders takes effect."

As early as tomorrow, this rule will be implemented. Now with this rule, it may not be worth the while to travel to Malaysia just to pump petrol. Those petrol stations near Singapore, will see a drastic drop in business and close down if it becomes unprofitable. Poor businessmen.

Singaporeans may now think twice driving across the causeway to do shopping and then get a full tank of petrol. Not all things are cheaper than Singapore if you start to compare prices. Some Malaysians I know, would rather shop in Singapore, because of certain variety they are looking at. Just an interesting note. Singaporeans who want to go for some great bargains may still get themselves into Malaysia just for that.

I do not usually go to JB for shopping or petrol. Recently when I was in Johor Bahru to eat at City Square, I found out that a lunch meal, Plain rice with a meat dish, and 2 vegetable dishes, could cause as much as RM8.00 which when converted to SGD$ is about $3.50. I think it is kind of expensive, especially for the locals. One plate of fried noodles may cost about RM4.00 at some coffee shops, but sometimes may need to eat two bowls to get the equivalent of one bowl in Singapore.

I think to say things are cheaper in Malaysia, may only apply to some items. With the opportunity to get petrol at a cheaper price gone, the incentive of driving into Malaysia to do shopping may have lost its shine.

I just heard over the news that the government may also make sure that foreign car owners be made to pay full price for petrol in any part of Malaysia. How much will foreigners be charged? It will be cheaper now to take the VIP Coaches that are registered in Malaysia.

However, for those who love and enjoy driving in Malaysia, may just have to bite the bullet, pay the full price of petrol and enjoy your trip.

Recently, on a couple of trips, I enjoyed just taking the public buses into Johor Bahru. It was so convenient and fast also, very very smooth. Why not try it?


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