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Peculiar Spots in London To Take Your Vacation To An Extraordinary Degree

Updated on July 4, 2013
The Majestic London Eye
The Majestic London Eye

Find An Extraordinary Stay With London Hotels In These Areas

The glorious London city has many strengths in the area of arts, education, commerce, fashion, entertainment, finance, media, healthcare, transport and tourism all contributing towards its eminence. The largest metropolitan city in United Kingdom is packed with options set to entertain visitors. While staying at the comfortable London hotels, one can see the eminent attractions like the Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral and Hall, Millennium Bridge, London Eye etc or take a walk in the leisure gardens to the likes of Kensington Roof gardens, Hyde parks and other royal parks and spend memorable London vacations.

Travellers interested in spending unconventional holidays can avoid the beaten track by visiting places in London which are yet to be discovered by the tourism industry. So, travellers interested in seeing and visiting the eccentric London then includes these places in your itinerary to enjoy novel London vacations. Take for once the off beaten track to relish something extraordinary and be prepared for a new view of the city.

Sir John Soane’s Museum

The Soane Museum is an architectural museum overlooking the Lincoln’s Inn Fields. It houses rare collection of paintings, models, drawings and antiquities that the neo-classical architect collected throughout his lifetime. His bizarre collections include Robert Adam’s original works, Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s creative Paestum sketches, terracotta and plastered works of John Flaxman. The Sepulchral Chamber houses the alabaster sarcophagus of Seti I in the basement and the Hogarth paintings are set to quiz your mind.

The Hunterian Museum
The Hunterian Museum

The Hunterian Museum

The founder of the museum was a pioneer in surgery and hence the Hunterian is a museum of dead things preserved in formaldehyde so this one is definitely not for those with chicken hearts. The enthralling collection includes embryos and fossils, skeletons, specimen and images of extinct species. The skeleton of an Irish giant and highly deformed foot of a Chinese person due to a traditional procedure of binding the feet to distinguish some persons and many others fossils will definitely generate a spine-chilling moment.

Dennis Severs’ House
Dennis Severs’ House

Dennis Severs’ House

Beating the crowd at the Spitalfields Market, one can find the Dennis Severs’s Residence. Although the residence seems ordinary but the place has an extraordinary feel to it which is difficult to describe but can be experienced only. It’s not a museum but a private home which is opened regularly for general public. The American purchased the home and lived here for 30 years without the electricity and the usual comforts of home but managed to create something unique for the London travellers. Take a walk in the house and experience the setting to still discover signs of life like the half drank tea cups or freshly cut fruits as if the Jervis family and their descendents still inhabit the place.

Share Bench with Roosevelt and Churchill
Share Bench with Roosevelt and Churchill

Share Bench with Roosevelt and Churchill

The bench is known as the “Allies” and was established to commemorate the peaceful fifty years of Britain. The bronze statues of the eminent personalities are so sculptured to give an impression that they are in deep conversation about something. The gap between the two statues is enough for you to pose as a part of discussion make a fun photo opportunity. Travellers can also visit Cabinet war rooms to experience the Britain at war feeling or sit in the Churchill’s chair at the Cigar museum.

Guildhall Art Gallery

The gallery is free to visit along with the Roman amphitheatre. Located in the city of London, the gallery showcases the sculptures and paintings belonging to the London Corporation. The amphitheatre is now a sheltered monument within the gallery. Appreciate the excellent art works at the gallery then walk to the amphitheatre across the courtyard and relive the roman era by enacting famous characters of Roman plays. Travellers can unwind at the nearby City of London hotels after the informative experience at the gallery.

Highgate Cemetery

Karl Marx, the revolutionary socialist was laid to rest at the cemetery. The place is divided into two while the east houses reputed personalities like Karl Marx, Jeremy Beadle and Malcolm McLaren among others and the western side have guided tours in order to prevent travellers from missing out on the way and getting lost.

Fulham Palace

Though it is a residence of the London’s Bishops still the palace has a royal feel to it. The adjacent museum documents the site’s history with a contemporary gallery displaying Palace inspired art works. Drawing rooms Cafe is a favourite among locals and the beautiful gardens are worth visiting during summers.

Best of Speaker's Corner

The Speaker’s Corner

The corner within the Hyde Park encourages free speech and preaching. Every Sunday afternoon the place is full of people vocalising their ideas on politics or religion and even on random topics coupled with campaigns like the free hugs or the invader news to make the discussion interesting. Brush up your elocution skills before grabbing the mike, who knows like the Karl Marx and Lenin you will also have followers.

Be courageous enough to miss the places generating the “very London” feeling to explore these off-beat places in London giving a complete different and fresh look to the city charms. So, book hotels in London and be prepared to travel the off-beaten track to discover London in new frames!!


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