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Penang Bridge Facts

Updated on May 17, 2012

Thank God & Thank the government for expanding Penang Bridge.  

It is totally a smooth ride from Butterworth to Penang Island , after the bridge has been expanded from 2 lanes to 3 lanes.

Before this is if there was any mishap at the bridge, like an accident or lorry overturns, it will cause severe traffic jam and loss of productivity.

Plus, the heavy traffic between mainland and Penang Island itself in the morning rush hour and the evening after work  is real trouble some.

Any disruption to the bridge will almost has an immediate impact the economy of Penang Island. Since it is cheaper to rent or buy a house in mainland than in Penang Island, most of Penang Free Trade Zone workforce use the bridge.

For completing the expansion work on time, thumbs up for the contractor (UEM Builders)

Quick Facts about Penang Bridge.

Length : 13.5 km, 8.4 km above water

Year Built : 1982

Year Completed : 1985

Official Open to the public : 14 September 1985

Project Duration : 3¾ Years

Bridge Design Name : Cable Stay Concrete Girder

Main Contractor : Hyundai Engineering & Construction. Co. Ltd, Korea

Consulting Engineer : Howard Needles & Tammen, Bergendoff Intl. Inc. SA/JK(SEA)

Photos From Penang Bridge

Penang Bridge
Penang Bridge
Penang Bridge - Cable Stay Concrete Girder
Penang Bridge - Cable Stay Concrete Girder
Penang Bridge
Penang Bridge
Jerejak Island
Jerejak Island
Penang Island
Penang Island


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