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Penn and Teller at the Rio in Las Vegas

Updated on June 20, 2014

Penn and Teller - Hilarious and Entertaining

Penn and Teller is one of my favorite acts in Las Vegas. They perform at the Rio, which unfortunately is off the Strip, but you can get there from the Strip for free via one of the shuttle buses that picks up and drops off behind Harrahs.

If you don't know who Penn and Teller are, it's time to move out of the cave. They've had a hit TV show on HBO and have performed on just about every late night talk show in the United States. Penn Gillette is the host of their act, which is part political commentary, part stand-up comedy, and part magic show. Teller is his mute assistant who basically demonstrates Penn's ideas in a physical manner.  

Penn and Teller ticket prices and showtimes

You can order Penn and Teller tickets online ahead of time through Harrah's website, which is something I highly recommend you do as you can get discounted rates and preferred seating. The price for a ticket is $85 for a seat in the first 7 rows and a program, or $75 for a seat farther back and without the program. I would say go for the better seats, it's only $10 and you get a nice program. One thing I really love is that all guests get to meet Penn and Teller in the lobby after every show. These aren't just some D-list acts telling jokes at some rundown casino, Penn and Teller are real celebrities!

Penn and Teller are often busy filming new TV episodes and doing other work, so you'll want to check ahead on the ticket website to make sure they'll be performing when you stay in Las Vegas. Unlike Carrot Top or Rita Rudner, this is one show you'll actually want to tell your friends about. 


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