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Pensacola Beach Memories

Updated on January 22, 2013
Footprints in the sand
Footprints in the sand

A Walk on the beach

As I walked upon the sands of Pensacola I remembered the last time my feet touched the white sugary sand. I remembered how it felt to let the water cascade over my feet sinking each footstep instantly into the wet soft embrace of the shoreline. Shells littered the banks and broken pieces of Sand Dollars made the shoreline look as though an underworld bank had lost it's deposit in an explosion of sorts. This time it was a much somber occasion than the last. My son and my best friend Monty had come to honor the wishes of my wife. She wanted to be cremated and have some of her ashes cast out into the sea. It was her favorite place. Each of us took a cup of ashes and said our goodbyes. i remember watching a handful of ashes disappear slowly into the surf. first one wave then another till they were all gone, it was very comforting Each different and each personal only meeting up together in a solemn line looking out to the sea as if expecting some sort of voice to say to us “Thank you for remembering me.”. Isn't that what we all want is to be remembered ? We all go through life in a sort of tumbling fashion touching this and that and running into and reacting to others that we touch. All we ask of anyone is “Will you remember me ? Have I touch you in any way so as you can tell others and your children, That was your your Aunt or Uncle remember when they said this or done that.”. We don't ask to be put up on a pedestal. We don't need to be mentioned in a book in the Library of Congress. All we ask is not to be forgotten. My wife's family did that to her. They not only forgot her she was erased from existence in there memory. I was told it was my fault because we did not have a memorial service for her. I only did abide by her wishes. She made it very clear that she not have one. A memorial service could have been calling and saying how sorry, but that didn't happen. The only card I got was from her Mother who I dearly love. Everyone else in her family feared, I guess that if they contacted me I would only ask for money. I didn't need there money I only ask for their friendship. I guess they forgot.


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    • alzel127 profile image

      Alex Zelahy 4 years ago from Indiana

      Thank you Josh. Will maybe your comment was for my other hub about the Fishing Hole. Thank you both for commenting.

    • profile image

      josh z 4 years ago

      I miss her and remember daily and love her alot

    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 4 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona