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Peru, Ecuador and Argentina: Where to start?

Updated on July 31, 2014

The Spondylus Route

Sunset in Esmeraldas - Ecuador
Sunset in Esmeraldas - Ecuador | Source

If exotic drinks and great sea food make your bells ring, The Spondylus route in Ecuador is your path.

The route covers more than 740 km of highway bordering the coastal line of Ecuador. Esmeraldas offers lots of sea food dishes where coconut is the star. You can visit Tonsupa and Atacames which are party beaches, or you can choose Same and Mompiche for a sunbath and rest.

When entering Manabí province you will notice a variation in flavors. The coconut is replaced by peanut which gives sea food an exotic sense. The most beautiful beaches in the country are located in this province.

Enjoy some days in Jama and Canoa for a true tropical beach experience. In your way down, don’t miss Machalilla National Park, the pristine Los Frailes beach, as well as the small fishing towns of Puerto Cayo and Puerto Lopez.

Later on you arrived to Guayaquil. The traffic of the big city will make you need some beach time in Montañita. A surfing beach full of backpackers of all nationalities. The route will later take you to Ballenita, a cliff town where you must catch a sunset. Finally, you’ll get to Salinas, a very nice small coastal city where you can try a good ceviche. You can enjoy a wide variety of seafood along the route, including the very exotic barnacles, as well as lobster, giant snails, etc.

Unspoiled beaches

Jama Beach, Manabí Ecuador
Jama Beach, Manabí Ecuador | Source

Manabí - Ecuador

A markerJama -
Jama, Ecuador
get directions

Up to 3800 m

Titicaca Lake, Puno - Peru
Titicaca Lake, Puno - Peru | Source

Peru: Where to start?

The north side of Peru offers nice beaches. You can visit Punta Sal where you can find some luxurious resorts. Mancora, a more relaxed party beach, or Zorritos a nice quite beach to get some rest and sun.

Once you recharge your batteries it’s time to go south. Lima is a Metropolis worth visiting. It was recently declared South America's Gastronomy Capital. You can’t miss a walk in Miraflores, a drink in Barranco, and the sunset in Rosa Nautica.

It’s time for some adventure. Keep going south and you will get to do sandboard in Ica, and fly over the Nazca Lines. Catch your breath before going up to 3,400 m to Cusco. The whole city is a museum, lots of churches and paved stone streets. Bring a coat and some coca tea bags with you.

From here, you can get to 2 of the most famous places in Peru: Machu Picchu and Titicaca Lake. In Machu Micchu, get up very early so you can catch the sunrise in the sacred city, and in Titicaca don’t miss spending a night in one of the Uros Islands.

It will be nice to try Peruvian Ceviche since it is quite different from the Ecuadorian one, but also Anticuchos, Aji de Gallina and if you feel adventurous some Llama meat.

Perfect mix between food and sunsets

Sunset at Rosa Náutica, Lima - Perú
Sunset at Rosa Náutica, Lima - Perú | Source

Rosa Nautica - Peru


La boca, Buenos Aires - Argentina
La boca, Buenos Aires - Argentina | Source

Ciudad Porteña de mi único querer...

Carlos Gardel already said, anticipating what to expect from Buenos Aires; a city of fine cuisine and unparalleled architecture. An experience for what one needs a comfortable pair of shoes, and a camera to explore the city long and wide. Depending on the season, one may also need an umbrella or a fashionable hat.

To get to know the city, one needs more that visit the famous Obelisk and Caminito. A map of Palermo Soho will take you on a tour through streets full of art and design. Not only selling products are striking; the facades, buildings and stores in this area are attractions themselves.

To end an afternoon of sightseeing, one cannot miss a walk in the area of Cañitas; the center of night life and cuisine of Buenos Aires Querido. Prepare to be amused by the large number and wide variety of dining options available in its picturesque streets. Let yourself get surrounded by the different smells, tastes and colors. The choice will be very difficult, so more than one visit will be needed.

Do not leave Buenos Aires until you have attended some of the best Tango Shows that the city offers. You will enjoy the show as much as the location since most of them are held in spectacular old theaters.

El Obelisco

Av. 9 de Julio, Buenos Aires - Argentina
Av. 9 de Julio, Buenos Aires - Argentina | Source


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