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Whitstable People: Peter Cushing

Updated on September 12, 2016
Whitstable Views profile image

CJ Stone is a writer and a postal worker. He has lived in Whitstable for over thirty years.

You may have seen Alan Davies, the comedian, on QI with Stephen Fry, quoting from a song about Whitstable.

Alan Davies, as you probably know, is the stand-up comedian and actor most famous for his part in Jonathan Creek.

What you may not know is that his first gig was at the Whitstable Labour Club.

It must have been here that he heard the song, “Peter Cushing Lives in Whitstable” by the Jellybottys, which he quoted on QI.

Here are the lyrics, as I remember them:





That “arrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!!” was meant to be the scream of terror that Peter Cushing would certainly arouse by his very presence, being, as he was, the master of suspense and mystery in many of the Hammer Horror movies. Even seeing him on a bicycle would inevitably cause such a reaction. Such, at least, was the implication.

It wasn’t true of course. Far from being a figure of horror, in real life Peter Cushing was the model of polite charm and decency. A proper old-fashioned gentleman. You would, indeed, see him on his bicycle, and if you greeted him you were always sure of a courteous reply.

I canvassed him during an election one year. He said, but in the most polite way, "As an actor I don't take a position on politics."

His favourite place was the Tudor Tea Rooms, where you would often find him. All the old ladies knew he went there, and would position themselves around him at the appropriate time, but he paid no attention. I think he preferred the company of the young waitresses.

The Jellybottys, meanwhile, were virtually the resident band at the Labour Club. Unfortunately, they were a one-hit wonder. I mean: they used to do a set, including some romantic numbers, but no one was really interested. All anybody ever wanted to hear was that one song. It was their star-turn.

Why were they called the Jellybottys, you ask? ‘Cos they made your bottom wobble. When they played the Peter Cushing song everybody got up to dance.

An odd postscript to all of this was the time I went to Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides. It’s a long way: about as far from Whitstable as you can go without falling into the Atlantic. Someone asked where I came from, so I told them.

"Whitstable," I said.

The response was immediate.

“Peter Cushing lives in Whitstable,” sang my enquirer, enthusiastically.

He knew all the words.

The explanation was simple. Deake, a member of the band, and the writer of the song, had been in Stornoway for a wedding not long before, and had sung the song to the assembled company. It had become as almost as famous in that wild and stormy outpost of the British Isles as it had previously been in our own snug little town.


After Peter Cushing died the funeral took place in Whitstable. It was a place he had loved, where he had spent the last years of his life, long before the town became fashionable with the London Luvvies. There were thousands of people on Harbour Street, come to pay their respects.

There are several places around town now which preserve his memory: most notably Cushing's View off Island Wall, and the Peter Cushing pub in what used to be the old Oxford Cinema on Oxford Street.

You can also find the place he used to live, on Sea Wall, marked by a blue plaque.

The story was that he kept a room as a sort of shrine to his beloved wife, who had died many years previously.

Anther story is about a certain well-known Whitstable writer who bought Cushing's house for the kudos, but who ripped out the shrine because it wasn't in keeping with his taste.

Some people have no soul.

Cushing's View, Whitstable

Cushings View, Whitstable:
Whitstable CT5, UK

get directions


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    • Storytellersrus profile image


      9 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      I was not familiar with Cushing until I read your hub. He looks like the perfect horror actor with his uneven eyebrows. This hub made me consider how life might be for a gentleman who acts in horror films? Do children run from him? His private life might also be a bit horrible, if they do. Or if he has good humor, he might be first on the dancing floor when this song is played.

    • Whitstable Views profile imageAUTHOR

      Whitstable Views 

      10 years ago from Whitstable, UK

      Thanks diogenes. I suspect the scream was, as you say, from the Hound of the Baskervilles. But it's obvious from your comment that you haven't lived in the UK for a long time, or you wouldn't have to Google Cushing. He was a national treasure, and a proper gentleman. One day I will write a hub about him.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Your hub articles are charming and engrossing. I wonder if the scream in the song about Cushing was from his work in Hound of the Baskervilles? That Great Dane, I think, with the werewolf mask caused kids to have nighmares for years! Now I have to Google Cushing and find out more about him!

    • Whitstable Views profile imageAUTHOR

      Whitstable Views 

      10 years ago from Whitstable, UK

      Hi Anna Marie, glad you liked the song, despite not knowing who Peter Cushing was. He was a national treasure here in the UK. But it shows that a good song works even when you don't have all the information.

      Glad you enjoyed it too JamaGenee, and may your bum wiggle forever.

    • Anna Marie Bowman profile image

      Anna Marie Bowman 

      10 years ago from Florida

      I have never heard of Peter Cushing or that song, but it's pretty funny, anyway!! Thank you for sharing this!!

    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 

      10 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      I played the video and now know why the Jellybottys were a one-hit wonder. "Peter Cushing lives in Whitstable" not only is a bum wiggler, but I suspect will stick in one's head for days!


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