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Phi Phi Islands – A Tropical Paradise

Updated on February 14, 2014

Introduction to Phi Phi Islands

The tourist-filled islands in the country of Thailand are the group of Phi Phi Islands. These Tropical Islands lined with trees that give shade are full of beautiful beaches that are accompanied by Nature's sound and aroma. It became famous to tourists. This was the place where “The Beach” was shot that features Mr. Leonardo Di Caprio, the famous actor from Titanic. The group of islands is located near Phuket, the country’s capital and Krabi. Thara Beach that is covered in luscious white sands surrounded by clear, deep waters can also be found in Phi Phi Island. It was recently established as a National Park.

Nature at Its Best

The Hills near the coasts of the islands are mainly composed of limestone. It is rendering the Phang-Nga Province’s mountain range that is also made of limestone. These islands are lined with the cliffs that are suitable for cliff diving and adventurers can also explore large water caves where some of the aquatic creatures can be seen.

There are two main islets are called as Phi Phi Le and the Phi Phi Don which are mostly known by tourists that are a must see for all.

Koh Phi Phi Le, the other major islet of the Phi Phi Islands is enveloped in mountains that are made in limestone and cliffs that are hundreds of meters from the beautiful ocean that is 20 meters deep where adventurers can experience the a plunge of a lifetime. The deepest part of the water is at 34 meters below sea level. The famous bays are Ao Lo Sa Ma, Ao Maya, and Ao Pi Le which are always a great destination for visitors that want to have a scenic view. Tham Viking is also found in the islet that is a large cave that can provide spelunkers a nice trip and adventure. The cave changed its name by the King Bhumibol Adulyadej to Tham Phaya Nak which means “Naga Serpent Cave”; a great stone that looks like a mythical creature that the King saw during his visit in 1972 was seen in the cave. Swallow nests are found in the cave and locals collect it. They say that the cave is sacred where ancient paintings on the rocks that show elephants and different of boats from the past residents. These boats were identified by experts as European sailboats, Arabian sailboats, sampan, Chinese junk and steamboats. It is believed that the paintings were the artwork of the past sea traders or pirates. The routes leading to the islands were once a route that these merchants or pirates sailed. The cave may have served as shelter and a place where ships are repaired.

Koh Phi Phi Don has twin bays covered in crystal white sand beaches known as the Ao Lo Da Lam and Ao Ton Sai. These bays are both unique and beautiful in their special way. The Ao Ton Sai is filled with buildings that can accommodate the tourists that pour in and some of these are Hat Laem Hin, Hat Yao, and Ao Lo Bakao. There are restaurants that cater different delicious food and other delicacies. The Koh Phi Phi Pier can also be found in the bay. There is a breathtaking uphill place where tourists walk and see the other wonderful bays and beaches surrounding the islet. Laem Tong is known to have outstanding underwater wonders that showcase the natural beauty of the world underneath the clear and refreshing water which can be found north of the islet. There is also a group of fisherman’s hut that serves as the home of the families of the fisherman that lives off the bounty and fruits of the ocean. Most of the families are from Tarutao National Park located at the Satun province. A boat trip enables adventurers to experience snorkeling and see the spectacular corals and aquatic life.

The Phi Phi Islands also have coves that may take you breath away. Ao Lo Sama and Ao Maya are the best known coves at the Phi Phi Islands where snorkeling with the aquatic creatures that live around it. The deep part of the ocean is best to visit if you are interested in viewing various corals that serve as the home of the fishes. These coves are also known to have a great part of the ocean with beaches that are not crowded and cliffs that will be a thrilling place to visit.

Koh Yung and Koh Mai Phai are neighboring islands that are covered by beaches, and the sea is full of underwater wonders such as coral reefs where fishes are free to live in paradise.

Glimpses of Phi Phi Islands

Where are Phi Phi Islands?

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Phi Phi Islands, Thailand
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Visiting Phi Phi Islands

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