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Philadelphia's Wonder Of The World

Updated on July 7, 2009
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Across the city of Philadelphia lies a wonder to be seen up close and personal. This beautiful gem is simple but vast. It spreads in and out of neighborhoods and is a welcome to anyone who would partake in it's design.

Fairmount Park is Philadelphia's wonder of the world, covering 9,200 acres and includes 63 neighborhood and regional parks. The countries largest contiguous park and one of the world's oldest and largest landscaped municipal parks.

Fairmount Park was named after the 'Faire Mount' which is now the site of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It was officially founded in 1855 and meant for the protection of Philadelphia's water system. In 1876's Centennial Exhibition, Fairmount Park was the site for the first world's fair in the United States.

The gorgeous park is the home of over 206 historic properties such as Memorial Hall, Boat House Row and The Philadelphia Zoo, the U.S.'s oldest zoo. Throughout you can find cultural institutions which include art, history, and music. Not to mention the hundreds of sculptures amongst the cherry blossoms and towering trees.

Fairmount Park is a collection of history, art, agriculture, and recreation. And somewhere along the miles of this park you will find peace and solitude amongst the trees, flowers, rivers, ponds, and streams.


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      Victor Mavedzenge 6 years ago from Oakland, California

      Interesting information.