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Philippines: Bohol - A Visit For A Week

Updated on May 1, 2013

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at the end of the beach
at the end of the beach | Source
Crystal Blue Ocean
Crystal Blue Ocean | Source
At the resort
At the resort | Source
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on the road | Source

Bohol Island

A visit for a week.

I had a chance to travel going to Bohol when my friend invited me to visit the place since it was summer especially the beach in Panglao.

We bought tickets together at the port but we boarded the next day since the trip is once a day only. We traveled by ship and it took us 1 hour or over to tagbilaran port.

Tagbilaran Port Bohol

In Tagbilaran port, we did not take the tricycle immediately because we already knew that the fare is expensive inside the port. So, we walked meters away until we reached the entrance/exit. We took tricycle and asked the driver to send us to the city. So, we paid the ordinary fare going to the city.

On the road at the center of the city, we were planning and discussing how to get to Panglao beach or any hotel we can stay for awhile when suddenly some tricycle drivers offered a special trip to send us there for only P250-300 and it would take us only 30 minutes going to our hostel. But someone told us that there is also another way going to Panglao. It is by jeepney and it can cost cheaper than their special trip offer. Since, we were new and curious about transportation, we tried the jeepney.

Inside the Jeepney

We took tricycle going to the jeepney terminal. We were surprised of how the jeepney looks like. It was so funny that we went inside and realized that we should have at least taken the tricycle offer than experience the uncomfortable arrangement inside the jeepney. It is not an ordinary jeepney we have seen in Manila. It is just like big jeepney, smaller than a bus but the arrangement looks like a bus inside. You can not move around because the space is only for one person and they need to full the seats since the trip is long enough and only once a day. The travel time is more than a half an hour or depends with the passengers inside because some passengers brought materials or things they bought in the city so it took some time to wait to get their things out of the bus, I mean jeepney or whatever they call it. It was so hot in there and very full that you can not move around or breathe hahaha for exaggeration. A very cheap fare but not comfortable so better take that special trip offering by tricycle drivers, just ask for the discounts.

At the Hostel: Citadel

Our jeepney dropped us on the road right beside our hostel, the Citadel Hostel.

They have nice rooms available for the guests from airconditioned room to fan only but common toilet and kitchen. This is already good and nice for the backpackers like us for reasonable price.

Panglao Island

From the lodge, you can already walk to Panglao/Alona beach where you can see hotels and restaurants owned by some foreigners in the resort. The hotels and restaurants are along sides of the white sand beach just like Boracay with different international cuisines.

The difference between the two beaches Bora and Panglao is that the commercial place of Bora especially the white sand beach is so long and big that Panglao is just a part of it.

There are many foreigners too in Panglao and most of them are taking diving lessons.

The activities you can do here in Bohol are snorkeling, diving, island hopping, swimming, and visit the famous Chocolate Hills and have zip lining. Have a safe trip.


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