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Philippines Culture

Updated on June 4, 2012

There is a wide variety of cultural influences that have dominated the Philippines over the last couple of thousand years. They have organized themselves into three dominate cultures made up of groups that include Tagalogs, Ilokanos, and Bikolanos. These traditional groups have kept the old traditions of Philippine culture alive and still celebrate it today.

Today, there are still the traditional cultures, but with the advent of western media and technology, they are being slowly westernized. The Chinese have also had a significant influence on the Philippines current culture as well as Hispanic and French cultures. With all this influence sweeping in from several directions, it is no wonder that some Filipinos want to get back to their native roots. While other are embracing the technological challenges of the 21st century.

Every year there are major festivals celebrated all around the Philippine islands. Each one is known as the Barrio fiesta. These fiestas that are celebrated are local traditions that celebrate prominent political, religious and inspirational people in the local towns and villages. They celebrate in the traditional styles with lots of culinary delights, ticker parades as well as dancing and singing. Some of the towns use fireworks or release lanterns at night as a symbol of respect to the ancestors.

The Chinese have also had quite an influence on the Philippines culture. This culture is seen mainly through some of the Asian cuisines that you will see daily at the street vendor locations. The locals have named the famous Chinese noodles Mami. Many other dishes include rice; vegetables, meats, and pork are all derived from the Chinese mainland. Other areas of life in the philippines that you may see some Chinese cultural references, is in the use of naming. Some people have taken on Chinese sir names and some speak mandarin very proficiently. Considering one of the main trading partners is china it is probably advantageous to know Chinese in that business.

Then during world war two another significant cultural influence could be found in the Philippines. That of the U.S culture. This has allowed the exploding of English in the Philippines where many are able to speak it fluently. It has also aided in the westernization of this once traditional culture in terms of fast food, rock music, and movies. But, the Filipinos have had a pure understanding and traditional culture for so long that many families have been able to come to a great balance in the traditional and modern cultures. They still continue to retain the same respects as family, relationships, respects, and marriage.


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