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Philippines: Palawan - A Tour To Remember

Updated on May 1, 2013

Honda Bay

A Pose At The Beach
A Pose At The Beach | Source
One of the activities
One of the activities | Source

Underground River

The Entrance of the Underground River
The Entrance of the Underground River | Source

Crocodile Farm

At The Museum: The preserved bones of the largest and oldest crocodile
At The Museum: The preserved bones of the largest and oldest crocodile | Source

Baker's Hill

A Pose To Cherish
A Pose To Cherish | Source

A Tour To Remember

My bf and his friends booked a tour of 12 persons to Palawan during Holy week last year. The travel agency already gave us our itinerary so when we arrived in the airport of Palawan, the hotel van fetched us and sent us to their hotel location. After our lunch we just took a rest and explored the nearby restaurants during supper.

Honda Bay ( Starfish, Snake, and Pandan Islands)

The next morning, we set off to Honda Bay all together using a tricycle. Since we were 12 all in all, we hired two tricycles going to the place.

At the entrance of Honda Bay, you can see a table waiting for the guests where you can pay your package tour for the island hopping in different islands of Honda Bay. After paying, we waited for awhile because that time they were ran out of boat for the guests. Many tourists that time since it was Holy week so expect many guests in the islands. When it was already our turn, we ended up inside of a big pump boat. They have a newly painted boat and equipped with life jackets. It was really fun taking pictures of the beautiful views of the nature. We enjoyed swimming and did other activities on the beach like jet ski, banana boat, etc. You need to bring your own food or "baon" as we call it because they don't have restaurants in the island. We spent a day in that trip.

Underground River

The next morning, the agency sent us our transportation and a tour guide going to the famous enchanted river. That would be the high light of our tour.

We traveled for long hours in a rough road with jungle on both sides of the road using a van from a travel agency. As we reached on the port where our tour guide paid our tour fares and entrance fees going to the underground river, we ate our lunch first prepared by the agency while waiting for our turn. After waiting, we spent another couple of minutes on the sea by small pump boat. The pump boat can accommodate only 6 persons. We were fascinated with the structure of the nature especially the rocks on the island with forest as the time we arrived in the destination. Many guests were doing this trip too and all were foreigners like Koreans.

In the tourist spot, we need to go inside the cove using a paddled boat where only 8 persons can sit. The underground river was very beautiful with stories in each stalactites and stalagmites inside of the cove which explained by the guide who paddled the boat. It was very exciting for me because it was my first time to get inside the cove. The cove was dark that we need a flashlight to see things inside. And it was amazing!

Crocodile Farm and Baker's Hill

The next day and that would be our last day in Palawan because our trip going back to Manila would be in the afternoon. We visited the crocodile farm and the baker's hill. You can take pictures and listen to the guide as they explain everything about the farm and hill.

In Crocodile Farm, you can experience touching the real crocodile with your bare hands and hold it for awhile but it stinks so you need to wash your hands after taking picture. You can also see the skin and bones of the dead largest crocodile in town preserved in their museum. Aside form that, you can also see inside the farm the different sizes of the crocodiles from the smallest ones to the largest.

The last destination was the Baker's Hill where you can see a bakery on the hill in the entrance. It is only a small bakery but a big landscape inside of the place where you can see different garden structures from Disney characters to animals and birds like parrots etc. The landscape is so amazing that can attract tourists to stay for awhile and have a rest on the bench. The place is so relaxing for people who need a break.

I hope guys, this experience can help you as your reference to consider for your future plan trip in Palawan. Have a safe trip.


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    • bujoy83 profile image

      Robelyn Yambao Travels 4 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks Precy and Ceres.. That was my first time to travel and I was not aware of that beautiful underground river before I only heard and saw on tv until I finally experienced the beautiful place. You will surely enjoy visiting the place. Cheers!

    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

      The images you have are great and really help the readers to visualize the places in Palawan that you mentioned. And you mentioned a lot of interesting places, like the Underground River, while also giving many details about these places.

    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 4 years ago from USA

      Beautiful photos, I enjoyed tagging along just by reading and looking :) My parents used to tell me stories back when I was a baby and we lived in Palawan, and I believed it was such a beautiful place to visit, I wish I could see it's beauty someday :)