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Travel Philippines!-One of the Natural Wonders in Asia

Updated on September 6, 2017
mhel19 profile image

I'm married and housewife. Presently residing in the Philippines. I love to read and surfing the net.


According to wikipedia,The Philippines officially known as the Republic of the Philippines (Filipino: Rep├║blika ng Pilipinas), is a sovereign island country in Southeast Asia situated in the western Pacific Ocean. It consists of 7,107 islands that are categorized broadly under three main geographical divisions: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Its capital city is Manila while its most populous city is Quezon City; both are part of Metro Manila.

To the north of the Philippines across the Luzon Strait lies Taiwan; Vietnam sits west across the South China Sea; southwest is the island of Borneo across the Sulu Sea, and to the south the Celebes Sea separates it from other islands of Indonesia; while to the east it is bounded by the Philippine Sea and the island-nation of Palau. Its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire and close to the equator makes the Philippines prone to earthquakes and typhoons, but also endows it with abundant natural resources and some of the world's greatest biodiversity. At approximately 300,000 square kilometers (115,831 sq mi), the Philippines is the 64th-largest country in the world.

Pearl of the Orient

Philippines is known as Pearl of the Orient ,it is a nickname given to the Country derived from the novel 'Noli me Tangere' of the National hero,Dr.Jose Rizal.But what makes the country special and deserve that name is because of abundance of beautiful places,beautiful islands and the rich environment and natural resources of the entire country.Not only the physical aspects that the country are proud of but also its people,although they have different beliefs and traditions,you can assure that they are friendly and hospitable.

Philippine Balut

How to make Filipino Pancit


Only In The Philippines!

  • PANDESAL -is very common food item in the Philippines, (Spanish: pan de sal, "salt bread") is a bread roll made of flour, eggs, yeast, sugar, and salt.Contrary to its name, pandesal tastes slightly sweet rather than salty and it is best with coffee in the morning.It is very typical to filipinos to have a breakfast with pandesal with "Kapeng barako" rather than breakfast meal especially those in a hurry,because it is simple and light on the tummy.
  • KAPENG BARAKO-is brewed coffee from Batangas."Barako" a tagalog word which means strong man or manliness, and kape means coffee. Because of its strong taste, it got the name kapeng barako.Batangas Brew is actually Liberica coffee, which originated in Liberia in West Africa. The coffee bean was brought to the Philippines and planted in Lipa by the Spaniards during the Spanish colonial era.
  • LONGGANISA-These sweet longganisa are Filipino-style sausages made with ground pork, pork fat, sugar and spices.It is very common breakfast among Filipinos together with Fried or plain rice in the morning and dipped into vinegar or tomatoes with fish sauce,and you are ready for the day.
  • LECHON BABOY-Lechon means roasted pig.The Philippines are very festive with these food for they are serve in different events,festival and celebrations.They roasted the whole pig for about 4 hours depends on the size of which until tender and the skin turned into golden brown and crispier.They put secret spices on the tummy of the pig before roasting so as to make it flavorful and savory.
  • GOTO-is a filipino version of congee, a rice porridge,top with egg,ox tripe and meat that is so popular to Filipinos as a comfort food especially during rainy days because it is serve hot just like the Arroz caldo,which is Filipino dish also but top with chicken.
  • DURIAN-is a fruit from Davao,it is popularly known as a fruit that 'stinks',it has hard shells and large in size.But aside of its unpleasant smell,it is so delicious and have many nutrients that is good for the health.
  • TAHO-it is a Philippine snack that is made of tufu,with sweetener and pearls.You can find these in the Philippines anywhere,because the they sell these food along the street or even on house to house .
  • BALUT-) is a developing duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell. It is commonly sold as streetfood in the Philippines.Aside from "adobo",this popular food is one of the signature dish of the Filipinos.They usually serve this at night because of it's properties that makes a person strong throughout the night especially those who work at a nightshift.Together with "suka" and salt,this make the dish more delightful.
  • KAKANIN(NATIVE FOODS)-"Puto,sapin-sapin,halayang ube and espasol" are some native foods made up of glutinous rice,rice flour,coconut milk and sugar.
  • Adobo- Philippine Adobo is a popular dish and cooking process in Philippine cuisine that involves pork or chicken meat that are boiled slowly into sauce of vinegar,soy sauce,garlic,and bay leaves , simmered until tender,then served over a cup of hot steaming rice!
  • Pancit-is a Filipino Noodle dish.This actual noodles are called flour sticks; it is prepared with several ingredients, which makes it look and taste very festive. Some Filipino pancit makes use of sliced pork, sausage, and shrimp, vegetables like carrots,beans,cabbage and even mushrooms to add its rich flavor like in Pancit Canton.

Natural Wonders -A Must See

  1. Palawan Underground River,Puerto Prinsesa-one of the New 7 Wonders of the World are here in the Philippines.Palawan also won as the Best Island in the World by Code Nast Travel Magazine by Readers Choice Awards this 2014.It is the largest province of the country that has beautiful beaches and rock formations including limestones that you will be fascinated to see.Aside from Underground river ,you can also visit here the famous Tubbataha Reefs Marine Park and El Nido Marine Reserve Park and wonderful Coron.
  2. Caramoan,Camarines Sur-The rugged islands of Caramoan have been the stunning setting for reality shows like the popular Survivor television series.Caramoan is the perfect island hopping get-away with its 10 beautiful islands in the peninsula, all of which offer unique experience and adventure with snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, limestone cliff / rock climbing, caving or just wading and swimming in their glorious fine white sand beaches.
  3. San Juan,La union-If you love to surf ,see the spectacular waves of San Juan in La Union.It is said to be the 'surf capital' of the north.La union is part of Ilocos Region ,and many tourist are visiting the place not only for surfing but also to unwind.
  4. Mt.Apo in Davao-is the highest peak in the Philippines
  5. Chocolate Hills,Bohol- are probably Bohol's most famous tourist attraction. They look like giant mole hills, about 1260-1776 hills that is actually a limestones covered by grasses.
  6. Ifugao,Rice Terraces-The terraces are located in the remote areas of the Philippine Cordillera mountain range on the northern island of Luzon, Philippine archipelago. While the historic terraces cover an extensive area, the inscribed property consists of five clusters of the most intact and impressive terraces, located in four municipalities.
  7. MT.Mayon Volcano-is located in Albay.It is an active volcano that has a Perfect cone.
  8. Boracay-located in Malay,Aklan,Western Visayas.This white sand beaches are the most popular tourist destinations from different people around the world because of its beautiful sights as well as the night life for party goers.

san juan,la union
san juan,la union
chocolate hills
chocolate hills

Palawan Getaway

jeepney and bus
jeepney and bus

Public Transportation In The Philippines

  • Tricycle- It is the most common types of transportation in the Philippines.It is composed of motor vehicle with sidecar.You can find these all over the country.
  • Jeepney-is the most popular public transportation in the Philippines,it is widely known as transport vehicle that has a crowded seating up to 10 persons in a row.
  • Public Trains-there are three main public trains in the Philippines,the Mrt1,Lrt1,Lrt2,that is accessible in Manila Area.
  • Boats/Ferry-along the sea,you will find many boats and "RORO",that is what they call the Roll-on,Roll-off boats that can carry land vehicles and take it to another places along with passengers from different places.
  • Airplane-of course,the country has an International Flights and domestic flights that can take you anywhere you want,for they have airports from Manila up to Davao that minimize the time of travel you wanted to.
  • Bus-these public transportations is bigger that the jeepney,but travel not only for a specific place but also those remote areas in the Philippines.

When To Visit Philippines

Probably,you are thinking of having a vacation in the Philippines,but wait,you should consider the seasons.

There are two seasons in the country, the wet season and the dry season, based upon the amount of rainfall. This is dependent as well on your location in the country as some areas experience rain all throughout the year.

The seven warmest months of the year are from March to October. The winter monsoon brings cooler air from November to February. May is the warmest month, and January, the coolest.

If you love island hopping,beaches and playing under the sun,consider the seasons in the country so as not to spoil your vacation if you go on at the wrong time of the year.

dinagyang festival street parade
dinagyang festival street parade
street parade Panagbenga
street parade Panagbenga
Flower Parade Panagbenga
Flower Parade Panagbenga

Did You Know?

Did you know that the Philippines have many Festival that you can visit for.Some festival are as follows:

  • Ati-Atihan Festival

Where:Kalibo, Aklan
When: Third Week of January
What: In honor of the Sto. Nino or the Infant Jesus, this festival is celebrated. It was first celebrated as a pagan festival in honor of Anitos or Pagan gods of the native people before the Spanish arrived. Today it is celebrated in honor of the Sto. Nino. People cover their bodies or faces with soots to look like Atis or Aetas (native people) and dance streetdances with a holy image of the Sto. Nino. Masses, Novenas and Rosary processions are done also.

  • Dinagyang Festival[1]

Where: Iloilo City
When: January 22-24
What: A spectacular festival in honor of the Sto. Nino, also one of the most popular festivals in the Philippines, streets are filled up with people as dancers dance and as music plays and as colors and sound of the festival brighten up the atmosphere.

  • The Panagbenga Festival is held yearly during the month of February.

The celebrations are held for over a month and peak periods are the weekends. The Panagbenga Festival showcases the many floral floats and native dances. The fragrant smells that could be presently teasing olfactory senses are probably less from the now-dried flowers from Valentine's Day than air floating all the way from Baguio City. At this time of year, the City of Pines is almost surely in flower fury over Panagbenga festival, the city's biggest festival.
Panagbenga is a kankanaey term for "a season of blooming." It is also known as the Baguio Flower Festival, a homage to the beautiful flowers the city is famous for as well as a celebration of Baguio's re-establishment.

Tips When Visiting The Philippines

If you are planning to visit the country ,you should watch the video,Tips when Visiting The Philippines,to have a informations regarding of what does Philippines look like,how much is the fair so that you can prepare enough money,on how many days you will be staying in this country.

Do you find Philippines as a country to visit for?

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    • mhel19 profile imageAUTHOR

      melrose moises 

      4 years ago from philippines

      thank you srsddn for your comment.:):)

    • srsddn profile image


      4 years ago from Dehra Dun, India

      melrose, Philippines seems to a beautiful country. Palawan really looks wonderful and chocolate hills attractive. Your videos are fantastic. Thanks for sharing so beautiful places of Philippines. Voted up and useful.


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