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Photographs From Around Cornwall: Charlestown

Updated on December 12, 2017

Charlestown in Cornwall is Small but Stunning

The historic and beautiful port of Charlestown is about one mile from the town of St Austell, but compared to the business of St Austell, Charlestown seems a thousand miles away from everything. Its Georgian beauty is apparent, even from driving down the main (and pretty much only) road. Charlestown is not big, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in both charm and character.

Poldark in Charlestown

Wherever you go in Cornwall, you will see boats of various shapes and sizes. But I haven't seen any of the tall ships anywhere else like you do in Charlestown. They are pretty much a permanent feature there, and with year round filming of the BBC series "Poldark" they are even more of an attraction than they used to be.

They are kept in such beautiful condition and many of them are still used to sail on, which, considering their age is pretty remarkable! Depending on when you visit Charlestown and what time (I am told they film most stuff very early in the morning) you may be able to watch them film if you are quiet.

Also, if you like boats and history, Charlstown Shipwreck and Heritage Centre is a perfect place to visit.

Actually, it's a great place to visit even if you aren't interested in boats, I am not and I found the history of some of the pieces there absolutely fascinating. And at £5.95 for an adult and kids 10-17 £2.95 it's a great price because you can spend ages in there (kids 10 and under go free!)

Eat at one of the Beautiful Restaurants in Charlestown

If you are not into boats or Poldark, then you can have a walk along the harbour wall and watch the kids dive in to the sea, they seem to do this no matter how cold it is, I just think Cornish children must be made of tougher stuff!

If you don't fancy diving or watching, you can have a drink in one of the pubs or restaurants and eat some delicious, local food in the pub garden which looks right out onto the harbour and the ocean. Or have a coffee in Charlies cafe, which is always busy so you will need to wait!

Charlestown is steep, like pretty much everywhere in Cornwall, but it isn't too rocky, so as long as you take your time, you should be able to manage with limited mobility.

Despite its small size, Charlestown is massively popular with both locals and tourists, which means that no matter what time of year it might be, it's always busy, so don't ever expect a quiet visit to Charlestown, and if you want to eat in any of the restaurants, I would recommend booking as soon as you can as they fill up so fast, even in Winter as they all have such incredible food!

Visit the Historic Port of Charlestown

Charlestown is a small place, but it gives some of the larger places in Cornwall a run for their money in terms of beauty, popularity, history and sheer numbers of visitors.


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