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Photographs From Around Cornwall: Falmouth

Updated on December 8, 2017

Best Coastal Community

If you walk anywhere in Falmouth, you will see something pretty, this is possibly why it was named "Britains' Best Coastal Community" in 2016. There is literally something for everyone in Falmouth. It is a civil parish on the river Fal, and it can be found on the south coast of Cornwall.

Something For Everyone In Falmouth

If you are a beach person, there is a breathtaking beach that is one of the most beautiful in all of Cornwall. If you don't fancy going to the beach then you can sit in one of the many hotels dotted along the sea front and have a drink, or even a cream tea whilst you look at the stunning sea view. I can personally recommend the Falmouth Hotel as I visit there a lot and the service is excellent, so good I even had my wedding reception there. Nothing is too much trouble for the staff there.

Shopping In Falmouth

Not hungry? Go shopping in one of the many high street shops in Falmouth town centre. No money? No problem! Take in the beautiful artwork at the ever cultural Falmouth Art Gallery, it's totally free of charge.

Falmouth Harbour

I have never seen Falmouth on a quiet day, this could be because of the great shopping, or because of the working harbour with the amazing boats. You could stand there all day and watch the boats, big and small coming in and out of the harbour, it's really quite therapeutic.

Great Shopping In Falmouth

There are both big chain shops and independent stores on Falmouth's high street, which means you can find whatever you are looking for, whether it is something mainstream, or something totally unique, you will find it in Falmouth.

Falmouth Beer Festival

If you are lucky enough to get there before everything closes (I haven't been yet) then have a look at the wonderful stalls right next to Falmouth Art Gallery.

If you happen to be in Falmouth around October, this is when you will catch the famous Falmouth Beer Festival, where brewers from all over the country meet to showcase their best stuff! It is run by CAMRA Kernow which is the Cornish division of the Campaign for Real Ale.

Spend The Day In Falmouth

Falmouth is a place you can spend all day in, and not be bored, especially on a sunny day when you can walk and witness everything Falmouth has to offer.


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    • Claire-louise profile image

      Claire Raymond 4 months ago from UK

      Thanks Louise, it's definitely worth a visit.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 4 months ago from Norfolk, England

      Falmouth looks a lovely place to visit. I wouldn't mind visiting the art gallery.