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Photographs From Around Cornwall: The 300 Beach Challenge

Updated on December 13, 2017

There Are Over 300 Beaches in Cornwall

I have lived in Cornwall for over 2 years now, and I know there are a lot of beaches, in fact, everywhere you turn, you can see the sea and you can't throw a flip-flop without it landing on a beach. But I had no idea exactly how many beaches there were in Cornwall, according to the official Cornwall website, there are over 300 beaches in Cornwall!

I had no idea it was this many and thought "surely that can't be right" but apparently it can be and there are over 300 beaches in Cornwall.

So with my love of photography, and so many beaches to choose from, it was only natural that I decided to make it my mission to visit every single beach in Cornwall, this wasn't going to be easy, but I was focusing on the beautiful pictures I would hopefully get.

The main problem was where to start, well, that and the non stop rain that has fallen in Cornwall since around late August! So I decided I might as well start with a beach I haven't ever been to before, so I started with Hemmick Beach.

Hemmick Beach has a National Trust Car Park

Hemmick Beach is a large and beautiful beach that can eventually be found around 9 miles away from the busy town of St Austell, though it is so peaceful and quiet that it could well be another planet! I say it was eventually found because it does require a bit of hunting for, but if you use the National Trust car park postcode of Pl26 6NY, then you should be able to find it easier than I did.

Hemmick Beach is a Steep Walk Away

I will warn you, it is a very steep and difficult walk back up from the beach, if you are a wheelchair user or have mobility issues then I would recommend that you get someone to drive you down, drop you off and then drive back up. The beach itself is easy to get to and there is no climbing required, it's just that walk will haunt me forever.

It's a long way back up!
It's a long way back up!

Lots of Surprises on Hemmick Beach

Once you get onto the beach, it doesn't seem very big, but the enormous rocks hide several different sections of the beach and it's actually really fun to explore them and see how far the beach stretches. I have only been there out of season, and there were five people on the beach including us,so I have no idea how busy it gets during the holiday season.

It's a Popular Fishing Beach

There are loads of rock pools and a couple of small caves to explore and I am told the fishing is really good. It's also a very popular place for dog walkers. Please, if you are on any beach, or anywhere, pick up after your dog!

Hemmick Beach is a really peaceful and serene beach to visit, good luck with the walk back up!


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    • Claire-louise profile imageAUTHOR

      Claire Raymond 

      9 months ago from UK

      Thank you!

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      9 months ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      I heard of Cornwall but didn't know of the many beaches there. You explained in detail and presented with nice photos.

    • Claire-louise profile imageAUTHOR

      Claire Raymond 

      10 months ago from UK

      Thank you Susan!

    • Susan SJ profile image

      Susan SJ 

      11 months ago

      These photographs are absolutely stunning. If only I could experience them firs-hand.

      Thanks for sharing.


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