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Photography Adventures in Tasmania

Updated on June 30, 2011
The Bay of Fires - Just one of the many places you can discover when visiting Tasmania.
The Bay of Fires - Just one of the many places you can discover when visiting Tasmania.

While Tasmania is seen by many as merely an island off the coast of Australia, locals and tourists who have visited both know that Tasmania is actually a very unique place, with plants and animals unique to this island. The opportunities for photography are everywhere and thanks to the modern digital camera and inexpensive digital media; no plant, animal or landscape shot will go untaken on a Photography adventure in Tasmania. Best of all, the stay itself becomes part of the adventure with a stay in one of the many luxury accommodation in Tasmania, many of which are Eco accommodation as well.

Discover the Wonder of Tasmania One Photo at a Time

The Anthology travel site offers two unique Tasmania experiences that both have plenty of photo opportunities. Each of these travel destinations in Tasmania offer unique and picturesque landscapes and plenty of opportunities to snap photos along the way. The unique settings of the accommodations, located on opposite sides of the island, give the aspiring photographer access to virtually undisturbed wilderness, as well as eco accommodation opportunities for the stay. On the eastern coast, the Bay of Fires gives photographers, from the amateur to the semi-professional, access to some of the most beautiful coast lines in the world. In Western Tasmania, the Cradle Mountain Huts accommodations give those who go a chance to see the endangered and reclusive Tasmanian Devil as well as gorgeous scenes with mountains in the background.

What to Expect on a Photography Adventure in Tasmania

Along with the luxury accommodation in Tasmania, both of Anthology’s travel destinations in Tasmania are walkabouts. The accommodations are there for rest and relaxation after each travel day’s scheduled walk. These walks run from four to six days and while travellers need to be physically able to walk, the schedules are designed to allow travellers plenty of time to absorb the beauty around them. For the would-be photographers, these stops are built into each day’s itinerary and the tour guides know the best places to stop as well as things of interest. A rare flower may be in bloom that day and the tour guides will be able to stop everyone to look and take a photo. On the coast, the terrain varies from beaches to valleys with walks, scenic drives and kayaks being utilized on different days. In the Cradle Mountains, the mountains set the backdrop for every moment, with valleys, scenic views of Lake Dove, waterfalls and forests all within the viewfinder of a favourite camera. During the walk, many native bird species will give the travellers a curious look and the adept photographer will have an opportunity to capture them.


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    • fidencio1 profile image

      fidencio1 6 years ago from Louisiana

      Thank you for a glimpse of Tasmania. Great hub.