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Phuket Tour: Honeymoon Travel Guide

Updated on May 1, 2014

Unforgettable Dream Vacation

Ko Phuket, the largest island in the country of Thailand is well-known for its gorgeous beaches, stunning locations and all-year-round crowd. Phuket is a place that a nature-lover can never ignore for its abundant natural beauty. It is a place that a party-lover can never forget for the fun and pleasures that it has to offer and it is the place that two people in love can never ever ignore for love is always in the air in Phuket. Phuket tour is ideal for every set of tourists.

In this article I will guide mostly the love-struck hapless people who are planning to tour Phuket in near future. It will be based on my own experience. It is my personal travelogue on my visit to the magical island of Phuket. I hope my experience and guidance will help the aspiring Phuket tourists.

If you have further queries you can put your queries in the comment section and I will try my level best to help you out.

Patong Beach, Phuket
Patong Beach, Phuket | Source

Phuket as a Honeymooners' Destination

As we have already learnt Phuket has an excellent concoction of love, romance, fun, thrill, adventure and lots and lots of beauty. So that makes it an ideal lovers' paradise on Earth. All those besotted lovers who are about to get hitched and is desperately trying to find an ideal honeymoon beach destination, you can definitely opt for Phuket. You will have such a unique experience that you and your beloved will cherish it ever after in your life-time. Even couples who are planning to spend their anniversary in an exotic island, Phuket is just perfect for you. And also the new lovers who want to spend some romantic moments and who need the privacy to know each other better, Phuket is calling you by your names. What are you waiting for? Phuket always has a place reserved for all kinds of love-birds. Only you need to hear that call from within.

Aerial View of the Islands Near Phuket
Aerial View of the Islands Near Phuket | Source
A markerphuket, thailand -
Phuket, Thailand
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The Location

The largest island of Thailand (48 km long and 21 km wide) is situated at the southern part of the country facing the beautiful west coast of the Andaman Sea. Its strategic location led it to become one of the hot spots for beautiful beaches, turquoise blue waters and majestic limestone cliffs and caves.

Phuket is almost 862 km south of the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. Due to tourism being the main industry of Phuket it is one of the richest provinces of Thailand.

The Climate

Phuket is nestled in the warm waters of the Andaman Sea making it hot and humid all year round. March to May are very hot. The heat is unbearable. Do not even think of venturing Phuket during these months. After May some respite comes in the form of rain. Rainy season lasts from May to October. You may travel during this time but because of partially cloudy sky, the water clarity of the sea will not be present. November to February experiences the best of Phuket's climates. The weather is cooler. The sky is clear. You can say December 25th to January 1st is the peak season. All those people who want to avoid rush can plan your Phuket vacation by the end of October to the beginning of November.

The Travel to Phuket

Phuket has a good rail, road, water and air transport system but international tourists mainly travel to Phuket via air.

Phuket has an international airport. Apart from having frequent flights from Bangkok, Pattaya, Ko Samui, it has direct flights from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and various cities of India. Phuket also have some direct charter flights from various European countries and Australia but on a seasonal basis.

People from all round the globe can fly directly to Phuket or they can break their journey and travel via Bangkok, Pattaya or Ko Samui.

Staying in Phuket

Phuket gives you a varied option of staying. Accommodation ranges from splurge to backpackers.

One thing should be kept in mind. Costly and luxury accommodation is mostly available near the beach areas. Patong Beach (mainly the southern part of the beach) is the busiest and has some very affordable yet good resorts and hotels. If you want to find some serenity and seclusion, you can opt for accommodation at Karon Beach, Kata Beach or Kamala Beach.

Some good accommodation in Patong Beach are found in Amari Coral Beach Resort, Holiday Inn Resort, Novotel Phuket, Royal Phawadee Village, Deevana Patong Resort and Spa, Absolute Sea Pearl Beach Resort and many other resorts and hotels that can take utmost care for honeymoon couples.

Food and Culture

As Phuket has grown to become the melting pot of people from all over the world, all kinds of foods are available here. You can experience authentic Thai food from famous Thai restaurants to grilled giant lobsters from seafood shacks like 99 Seafood Restaurant to beef burgers from reputed burger joints like Burger King to Indo-Arabic food from Indian restaurants like Ali Baba.

As Phuket has grown up to be a cosmopolitan city you can see numerous malls like Jungceylon Shopping Mall, offices, good transport and communication system. The people of Thailand are very much adapted to Western standards of living and Phuket is no exception to this. All these features makes it more easily accessible to globetrotters from far and near.

Top Places to Visit In and Around Phuket

Now let me discuss in details the top places to visit in and around Phuket when you are on a romance-filled honeymoon tour.

First we should know there are various modes of transport for visiting the various attractions of Phuket and most of the tourists stay near Patong Beach area. Let me guide your travelaccordingly:

Traveling by foot or bike or in a Tuktuk

  1. Patong Beach: You can visit the party beach by foot if your hotel is nearby or take a tuktuk and visit it. The beach is excellent for sun-bathing and swimming. Many eateries and shacks also supply excellent seafoods.
  2. Bangla Road: Want to know where the party begins at night. It is true when the sun sets, Bangla Road comes alive. Live band performances, music, food, drink and many other exotic pleasures awaits you there. If you and your fiancé are party-hoppers then head straight to Bangla Road and party all night.
  3. Jungceylon Shopping Mall: If you are in a shopping spree fulfill all your needs here. It is a mall of international standards. The place is so well maintained and tastefully decorated that you are sure to have one or two clicks here and there.
  4. Simon Cabaret: A dazzling show Las Vegas style that will leave you speechless. Witness how the beautiful ladyboys of Phuket sing, dance and act to glory. Never miss it if you are in Phuket.

Traveling in a conducted tour

  1. Phuket Fantasea: Kamala island's biggest attraction is this spectacular show. A classic show of opulence and extravaganza with hundreds of trapeze artists, dancers and trained animals is going to leave you spellbound. As a cultural theme park, it can be rightfully called the Disneyland of the East.
  2. Phuket City Tour: This will give you a glimpse of the other beaches of Phuket and the Promthep Cape, a picturesque view-point from where you can view the three beaches of Karon, Kata and Kata Noi together. You can also visit the famous Chalong Temple, an architectural marvel of old Phuket, this unique temple complex along with its landscaped gardens will have a soothing effect on your soul. Apart from these attractions, other attractions are elephant rides, ATV rides, Go Kart racing and visit to gem factories.

Traveling via Speedboat or Ferries

If you want to do some island hopping feel free to travel in the sea. It is one of the many attractions of Phuket. It will lead you to numerous islands and beaches that are only accessible by speedboat. In my opinion traveling via speedboat is a better option than traveling in a big ferry. You can travel to many places and moreover you will save a lot of time. There are numerous speedboat tours. Although most of them are day tours but some tours are 2 to 3 days long. Here I will mention about two of the most popular speedboat day tours without which your Honeymoon travel is incomplete.

  1. Ko Phi Phi Island Tour: Technically speaking this is the most coveted of all tours in Phuket. Phi Phi Ley and Phi Phi Don are two most beautiful islands around Phuket. In this tour you can witness your dream come true. This tour will lead you to exotic islands of white sands, transparent blue sea with colorful fish and beautiful coral reefs and huge limestone cliffs, an ultimate dream destination for snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming and also rock climbing.You will be taken to the unearthly Maya Bay whose iridescent beauty will surpass your imagination (for reference; see Leonardo Di Caprio's "Beach" film), then you will be taken to Lo Samay Bay, an excellent snorkeling spot. Next you can see priceless swift's nests in the Viking Cave. Other attractions in the tour is the Monkey Island, Bamboo Island and Khai Nok Island. A day full of water adventure and mesmerizing island hopping will leave tired, very tired for the day.
  2. James Bond Island Tour: This is also another exciting sea tour. From the name itself you can make out that the main attraction of this tour is James Bond Island, the peculiar gravity-defying pin shaped cliff was first seen in the James Bond movie "Man with the golden gun". From then onwards it has become very famous among visitors traveling to Phuket. You can also enjoying canoeing inside sea caves in Kohpanak Island. The Fisherman Floating Village of the Sea Gypsys is also an interesting stop. You can buy trinkets of your choice from there. Return home with these sweet memorabilia.

A markerko phi phi islands -
Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand
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A markerjames bond island -
Kao Ping Kan Island, Ao Phang - nga National Park, Thailand
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Snippets from Our Phuket Tour

Sea Food Spread in a Fish Shack
Sea Food Spread in a Fish Shack | Source
Beautiful Jungceylon Shopping Mall
Beautiful Jungceylon Shopping Mall | Source
Phuket Fantasea Theme Park at Kamala Beach
Phuket Fantasea Theme Park at Kamala Beach | Source
Promthep Cape View Point
Promthep Cape View Point | Source
Chalong Temple
Chalong Temple | Source
Enchanting Maya Bay
Enchanting Maya Bay | Source
A Longtail Boat
A Longtail Boat | Source
Luminous Blue Water of the Andaman Sea
Luminous Blue Water of the Andaman Sea | Source

What Goes Inside Your Luggage

What to Pack
Upper Garments/ Apparels
T- Shirts, Hawaiian Shirts
Tank Tops, Tees, Light Cotton Dresses, Swim-suits
Lower Garments
Bermudas, Capris, Swimming Trunks
Mini Skirts, Shorts
Apart from these things; carry Sunblock creams, Sunglasses, Umbrellas, Sun-Caps and a Camera and the right attitude to start your vacation on the right note.

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A Quick Glimpse into the Beautiful Beaches and Islands near Phuket

© 2014 Deblina Banerjee


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