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What to Take to a Picnic - Handy Picnic Checklist

Updated on February 17, 2013

Handy Picnic Checklist

Have you ever been on a picnic and forgotten something essential like cutlery? I have and it's a major annoyance. Here is a handy picnic checklist of some essential and non essential items so that you will know exactly what to take to your next picnic.

What to Take to a Picnic

• Cling wrap
• Cutlery - Make sure you have enough to supply everyone attending the picnic
• Plates, bowls
• Serving utensils
• Drinking cups
• Drinking water
• Napkins
• Cutting board
• Cutting knife
• Condiments
• Sun screen
• Mosquito repellent
• First aid kit
• Trash bag
• Can opener
• Cooler (with ice blocks)
• Hand sanitizer

Non-Essential Picnic Items

  • Sporting equipment
  • Radio
  • A good book and/or magazines
  • Toys to keep young kids occupied

Picnic Packing Checklist

Heading to the park for a picnic? What do you take to take to a picnic? Is it better to voerpack or under prepare? here is a list of the most common essential items needed for a picnic. There are also some non-essential items in there too, because a little luxury at a picnic couldn't hurt.

Delegate Picnic Items

If you are going on a picnic with several families or friends, make sure that everyone knows who is bringing what item so that nothing is forgotten. It can be so easy to end up at a picnic with everyone bringing food, but no one bringing cutlery. It happens!

Bring food items in resealable containers so that nothing goes to waste. Having a roll of cling wrap handy will also come in handy for leftovers.


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    • WebsiteConfetti profile image

      Ness 5 years ago from Australia

      @Harmony155 Glad you found an inexpensive wicker basket!

      @Samnashy Haha very true we do prepare for our picnics quite well, but I have to admit on my last picnic I forgot the cutlery!

    • samnashy profile image

      Sam Graham 5 years ago from Australia

      I have to say since coming to Australia I am in total awe of how well the Aussie's prepare for a picnic. I've never seen anything like it - it's almost like moving house. My poor kids look in envy on the beach at Aussies, whilst they have to put up with a curled up sandwich and fight for a piece of towel . Voted up!

    • harmony155 profile image

      harmony155 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      I've been looking for an inexpensive wicker picnic basket. Thx!