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Picturesque Beaches of Goa

Updated on February 3, 2015

Goa is a tiny green land sorrounded by pristine waters on the west coast of India. With its natural picturesque beauty,attractive beaches, famous architectural temples,grand parties, festivals and its Anglo-Indian heritage it is a great attraction to tourists all the time.The best times to travel to Goa is between the cooler months of November and March.

Road map to Goa

About Goa

Goa is India's richest state with a GDP per Capita, two and half times that of the country as whole.It was ranked the best placed state by the eleventh Finance commission for its infra structure.Panaji is state capital while Vascoda Gama is the largest city.

Goa as a whole ,is a state with several villages,perfect for beach holiday.The 103 km coastline,which is shaped like a new moon, is blessed with the most enchanting beaches lapped by the Arabian sea.The long coastline offers more than 20 beaches to choose from.
Must see beaches are Calacute,Baga,Vagator,Anjuna,Sinquerim,Candolim,Aguada,Morijim,Colva.Dona Paula, Miramar,Arambal,Paloleum,Agonda,Benaulim,Bagabogmala,Cavelossim,siridar.... and the list goes on.

Sketch of Goa Beaches

Vagator Beach
Vagator Beach | Source

  • Calancute- Because of its unique color of sand and clean waters it is called 'Queen of beaches'. This place is a long seven km sweep of sand located 15km from Panaji the capital of Goa.

  • Baga-This is a more isolated and quiet beach is a part of 30km stretch of beach along the west coast of Goa which begins at Fort Aguada ending at Chapora Beach,popular for water sports and fishing.

  • Anjuna- Located about 18kms from Panaji the beach is famous for natural beauty with palm groves,and soft powdered white sands.The shore is popular for its unusual rocky formation overlying a cove of white sands.

Vagator Beach
Vagator Beach
  • Vagator has dramatic red cliffs, this is the place where hippy culture is started.This beach is located on the northernmost part of Goa.

Aquada fort
Aquada fort | Source
sunset | Source
  • Sinquerim-It is the one of the finest beaches in Goa located some 13 km from Panaji.On its shore it has 17th century Aquada Fort built by Portuguese to escape from the attack of invaders, which is now converted into prison.The long stretches of the sea shore is ideal for long stroll.

A short brief of other best beaches

  • Agonda Beach- It is a nature lover's delight,with its scenic beauty.
  • Mandrem Beach- Lovely,clean and more quieter than other beaches ,it is a loner's paradise.
  • Cavelossim Beach-This is beach lovers delight,it is a clean beach and less frequented by public.
  • Palolem Beach- One of the area's most picturesque beach with clean blue-green waters.
  • Mislim Beach-Best place for fun activity on the shore as it has game and entertainment centres.
  • Benaulim Beach- It has the great view of the shore and safe place for swimming.
  • Varca Beach -Isolated, clean beach with white sands.
  • Cola Beach -It is like a blue lagoon,amazingly quiet and unexplored beach.
  • Arambol Beach-Exquiste beach,far from north Goa,which features a fresh water lake that merges with sea.

Benaulim beach
Benaulim beach | Source
Baga beach
Baga beach | Source

What these sea-shores offer?
The long coastline is perfect spot for water sports from scuba diving and snorkelling to wind surfing to parasailing.There are number of dive sites around the region and the most exciting is near Grand island,where Pigeon and Bat Island and Sunchi reef are the best for snorkellling.

St.Francis of Assisi
St.Francis of Assisi | Source
Road map of Wildlife Sanctuaries at Goa
Road map of Wildlife Sanctuaries at Goa
Bondla zoo
Bondla zoo | Source
St.Andrew church
St.Andrew church | Source
St.Francis  Xavier Tomb where his body  mummified body is kept.
St.Francis Xavier Tomb where his body mummified body is kept.

Don't miss to see
The most famous and magnificent churches of Goa are St.Francis of Assisi, and the Basillica of Born Jesus.

Other than beautiful beaches,Goa is rich in flora and fauna.It has some of the country's best wildlife sanctuaries to visit. Goa's wildlife sanctuaries boast of more than 1512 documented species of plants,275 species of birds and 48 kinds of animals and 60 genera of reptiles.

  • The Bondla Wildlife sanctuary at Bondla (8 sq km)
  • The Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary at Mollem (133 sq km)
  • The Cotigao Wlidlife Sanctuary at Cotigao (86 square km)
  • The Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Chorao Island (1.78 square km)
  • At Madei (208 square km, proposed)
  • At Netravali (211 square km, proposed)
  • The Mollem national park at Mollem (107 square km)

Unique facts about Goa

  • The Goa is the smallest state of India having national highway span of only 130km N to S and around 80 km E to W.
  • The only state in India having two official state languages konkani and Marathi.
  • Next to Orissa, Goa's Morjim beach is the place where world famous Olive turtles come to lay Eggs.
  • The famous mummified remains of St.Francis Xavier is kept at Basilica of Bom Jesus.
  • Only place in India where one can hire a two wheeler taxi called 'Pilots'
  • Asia's only floating casino is launched in Goa's coastal water at Panaji harbour known as 'caravela'
  • With its 33% of geographical area is covered by forest,Goa is compared to Amazon and Congo basins for its rich bio-diversity.

Different kinds of fishes for your palate
Different kinds of fishes for your palate

Must Eat
Rice and fish curry is the staple diet in Goa.Goan cuisine is famous fot its rich variety of fish dishes cooked with elaborate recipes.Unique dishes like coconut based fish curries,fried fishes such as pomfret,Kingfish,Shark and Tuna.Never miss to try Goan speciality drink Feni made from Coconut oil.

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    • cheeluarv profile image

      cheeluarv 3 years ago from INDIA

      Thank you sunilkunnoth2012 for stopping by and appreciating my article. Goa is one of the best place in India to visit and to have fun.

    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 3 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Fantastic article with lot of information. I had visited Goa a couple of times and enjoyed my overall experience there. I have even written a few hubs on Goa. You have beautifully presented Goa in a simple manner with good photos. Congrats!