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When to Avoid a Blue NYC Hotel That's a Concierge Nightmare?

Updated on March 5, 2016
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She's a children's author from Alaska who loves the holidays. She enjoys sharing it with you!

My Vacation in NYC

I was convinced a particular hotel in New York City would be a wonderful place to celebrate my anniversary, man oh man was I wrong.

I checked into the Pierre hotel on a refreshing spring day after a reservation receptionist said the cost of my room was $350.00 a night. I desired to take in the sights on Fifth Avenue by visiting the superfluity of elegantly decorated clothing stores and enjoying a relaxing stroll in Central Park.

The Pierre Hotel Placed an $11,000.00 Hold on My Credit Card!

To my amazement, come the first morning, the concierge notified me of a bill for over $500.00 that must be paid right away to elongate my stay for two more nights. Thinking I would have time to enjoy the New York City tourist attractions, I agreed to pay this bill.

The receptionist then said the hotel had placed an $11,000.00 hold on my credit card for security purposes that would be released by my credit card company at the end of my stay.

At this point, I was not yet totally disappointed and was still looking forward to a superb vacation in The Big Apple.

My Credit Card Was Stolen

I began looking everywhere for my credit card and could not find it. I begged my credit card company to FedEx a new card to me right away. My disenchantment at this point with the Pierre was beginning to flare! The next day I was urgently notified to pay $591.88 in cash to cover the cost of the previous night. I ran to the bank next door to withdraw money, since my credit card was maxed out because of their extravagant hold of eleven thousand dollars.

Shortly, by the ensuing day the concierge forced me to sign an additional charge of $1503.21 for a quaint dinner and phone calls before granting me the privilege to check out. I was furious!

My Credit Card Company Said It Was Fraud

I paid the requirement to get out of the hotel as quickly as possible! When I arrived home, I immediately called my credit card company to inform them how the Pierre had overcharged me and forced me pay for two rooms at $450.00 a night after placing an $11,000.00 hold on my credit card. My credit card company sympathetically understood and charged back the $1503.21 bill as fraud.

The Pierre hotel infuriated me, since they ruined my sweet vacation by not allowing me a peaceful moment to enjoy Central Park, and the surrounding area with their insistent demands for immediate cash payments on every waking moment of my stay.

Old New York

A typical hotel in NYC, the Plaza Hotel
A typical hotel in NYC, the Plaza Hotel | Source

Check a Hotel Guide Before You Book Your Vacation

I am not sure if this scheme was purposely done to suck money out of me by the receptionist; nevertheless, I believed a vacation at the Pierre would be fabulous. This could not have been further from the truth!

If you are looking forward to spending a spectacular vacation in New York City, please realize certain hotels contain an ostentatious atmosphere. There are many luxury hotels in Manhattan near Fifth Avenue that are more pleasant such as the Plaza hotel. My advice is to do your homework by researching the hotel you are planning to visit in New York City before you actually check in.

A New York City Hotel Guide is usually complete in describing the ambiance of NYC hotels! You don't ever desire to feel disappointed or sour when enjoying an unexpected, sweet unintended vacation in New York. Please check a hotel guide to New York City for hotel deals before you book your suite or room. It's a smart thing to do!

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© 2011 Sheila Craan


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  • Craan profile image

    Sheila Craan 6 years ago from Florida

    Thanks Jspehrclark! I hope you got your money back!

  • jspehrclark profile image

    jspehrclark 6 years ago

    Interesting - I have the same reaction to a hospital stay!:)