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Pink street Lisbon. Sailors, Brothels, and a little bit of Revolutionary History.

Updated on May 29, 2020
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Sandra, a hobby writer that loves creating essays about everything inside her head full of knowledge.

Rua do Carvalho. Pink street.
Rua do Carvalho. Pink street.

Pink street.

Pink street Lisbon. Today a street filled with bars, nightclubs, a stripclub or two, and the building that used to house the city's most famous brothel.

The name comes from the pink color painted on the floor. It was painted for the first time for a fashion show, and people liked it, and it stayed. Ever since.

Historical street.

The history of the street streches way back in history, to when the river was alot broader, and this was the first official street. As it was here the boats would dock, the first brothels did not take long to appear, and since the beginning of time, it has always had the touch to it, as a very dirty and filthy street, filled with dirty and filthy people. This was where the prostitutes worked, where the pimps filled their pockets back in the 1700's.

During this time period, Lisbon was one of the star cities of europe, and people were flocking here in loads, trying to make a fortune in the golden city. Many had left everything and everybody and felt lonely, and the few people that had made alot of money, didn't mind spending it here, on prostitues and drinks.

Second world war.

During the time of the second world war, Lisbon was the open port. Because of this, again, people came here to leave the continent, stayed just suffient time to get a visa, and then left for wherever was their next stop.

The sailors that anchored here would use pink street as their "first stop" for relieving themselves, and it was also in the brothels that all the information was passed through.

The spies that filled Lisbon in search of information, knew exactly that this was where they needed to go. The brothels were the place. This street was now one of the most frequently visited during this time period.

Time passes.

With time, the war came to an end, and the brothels disappeard one after another. Pensão Amor, was one of the few last standing, and the building where it used to be, is there even till today. Today, the inside of the actual building contains all the decorations and furniture still, like everybody just closed for the night and just never opened again.

But it did open. As a cafe and restaurant. It is today on the upper floors of the building. And you can go in for a meal or coffe if you want to.

Pensão Amor.
Pensão Amor.


It was here inside this building Junqueira hid out when the revolutionaries came 25th of April 1974. He had been down on the square trying to stop them from advancing into Praça do Comercio, but his army of soldiers had decided to go against him, and he was now a man without protection. He is said to have ran into the backstreet, down pink street and hid himself in the brothel (which was actually still in function by then) until he got orders to run to the general's army building, further up the hill.

The revolution went through, and Portugal was now a kingdom with a new government. With time, the last brothel was closed down, and the street, which real name is Rua do Carvalho, was basically forgotten for a while, except from the people of the parish of Sao Paolo, whom had their church on the big square in the neighborhood.

The church of Sao Paolo. At the end of pink street.
The church of Sao Paolo. At the end of pink street.

Portugal became touristy.

Then the tourists started to arrive to Portugal, in loads. Rua do Carvalho now got loads of cafes and bars, to try to make everybody "forget" the past. Of course, the local people didn't, but they wouldn't tell the tourists about the dark past of this street either...

Pink street today. A bubbling tourist hub.
Pink street today. A bubbling tourist hub.

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