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Piñones: the beach bum's paradise in Puerto Rico (with 2 HD videos)

Updated on December 26, 2014

One of Piñones' endless beaches

Whether you love a crowd or you'd rather sunbathe in solitude, you'll find a beach just for you in Piñones.
Whether you love a crowd or you'd rather sunbathe in solitude, you'll find a beach just for you in Piñones. | Source

Piñones has something for everyone

Piñones (pronounced pee-NYO-naze) is an iconic beach community just outside of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Miles of sun-dappled beaches, trails, and snack shacks called friquitines in the local Spanish, Piñones is a premier destination for locals and visitors alike. Whether you are into surfing and parasailing, biking or just chilling on the beach with a good book, Piñones is for you. Be sure to go all the way to the bottom of this Hub for the videos we made!

Pouring a bacalaito on the fire


An assortment of treats

An assortment of delicious fried treats in Piñones.
An assortment of delicious fried treats in Piñones.

What is a 'friquitín?'

In Puerto Rico, everyone knows that Piñones is the place to get the famous treats that the Island is known around the world for. These include bacalaitos, which are bits of cod fish fried in delicious dough; pinchos, which are meats roasted on a skewer, sometimes with vegetables or bread; alcapurrias, which are a fried treat that looks something like corn dogs but are stuffed with various meats; piononos, which are balls of sweet plantains stuffed with meat and Swiss cheese; and of course various roasted meats such as lechón, which is Puerto Rico's iconic roasted pork. The drinks flow liberally as well. In Puerto Rico, which is one of the world's largest producer of rum, top brands like Don Q and Bacardí come cheap and are turned into drinks like piña colada, made from locally-grown pineapple. Another local favorite is Medalla beer, a light, refreshing brew with a relatively low alcohol content. There are also nonalcoholic fresh juices, coconut water, and other treats.

The friquitines are small, informal roadside shacks, where the food is cooked over wood fires. Time passes slowly and people move from shack to shack, trying a pincho here and a piña colada there.

Traditional "Bomba y Plena"

Traditional "bomba y plena" (chanting and dancing) being performed during the Christmas season
Traditional "bomba y plena" (chanting and dancing) being performed during the Christmas season | Source

Whole families dance and sing

Whole families dance, sing, and celebrate to the beat of the drums and music.
Whole families dance, sing, and celebrate to the beat of the drums and music. | Source

Piñones and Christmas

For many Puerto Ricans, Piñones and Christmas go hand in hand. Joyous families crowd into the beaches and friquitines of Piñones during the holiday season. Many times families who have left to go to other countries will reunite over a pincho and a festive drink in Piñones. For this reason, many people think that piña coladas are a Christmas drink, or that bacalaitos are a Christmas food. The truth is that they are year-round treats, but since many people with Puerto Rican roots only can visit the Island during Christmas, that is when they get them.

For many Puerto Ricans who have had to leave the Island during these tough economic times, Piñones represents some of their fondest memories of the Isla del Encanto.

My wife and I put together two videos to show the beauty of Piñones. Though they are meant specifically for Puerto Ricans who long to return to Piñones for Christmas, they are great for anyone who wants to get an idea of the beauty of this unforgettable area.

Piñones at Christmas 1

Piñones at Christmas 2


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    • doitrightnow profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from San Juan, PR

      Aww, Lynda, thanks so much! And thanks for watching!

    • lyndapringle profile image

      Lynda Pringle 

      3 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Wonderful blog about the beauties of Puerto Rico. The videos were a great touch because they were the right length to show the reader a genuine glimpse of this beautiful country. I enjoyed feasting my eyes on the lush greenery, the glittering peaceful beaches, the uniquely styled houses painted in bold colors such as bright pink, purple, etc. It also helped that I am fluent in Spanish and was able to enjoy the talented music playing in the background. The videos gives the reader almost a complete view of the layout of the land, from the greenery, to the beaches, to the homes, restaurants, etc. It provides a good taste of Puerto Rican culture.

      I also enjoyed reading about the delicious Puerto Rican foods that make me want to take a red eye right now to Pinones just to try some of the delicious native foods that you mentioned. There is nothing like hanging out in a beach community for good food! I know your article was supposed to concentrate on the beaches of Pinones but your excellent writing and beautiful videos gave me a total feel for your country.


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