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Living Asia

Updated on April 13, 2018
Facade of Window of the World
Facade of Window of the World

Window of the World

There is one tourist attraction in Shenzhen, China located in OCT (Overseas China Town) called The Window of the World.

Here, you could see the World's, Greatest Wonders. Like The Pyramid of Egypt, complete with a real Camel which you could take your picture riding on it and people dress like Egyptians. A miniature Statue of Liberty, The Little Mermaid of Copenhagen, the replica of Mt. Rushmore, a mini Venice City, with miniature Gondolas and much more. All are in one place.

There is an added attraction also at night wherein a number of Foreigners Perform in the Amphitheater. If that is not enough, you could also have fun skiing imagine that, in an indoor Alpine Ski Run. If you want to remember your visit, there are booths that sell miniature replicas of the Wonders of the World like the Eiffel Tower. Not only that, you could also play games and win prizes at these booths.

Entrance Fee: 120 RMB (check your country's exchange rate)

Or check Google for the updated price.

Cross Culture

Living in China (particularly Shenzhen) with my Hubby, (my term for my husband) sets me to another view of it filled with so many rich experiences. We went to this massage parlor once (China is full of it, the price is just right, and aside from the relaxing massage you get, they also offer fruits and tea on the side) to have our foot massage.

They gave us two Chinese girls who barely know how to speak English. As we were going through the process, the two girls kept on telling us something in their own language which we cannot understand. One of the languages that are so hard to learn for me is Mandarin a Chinese dialect. It is as if you are reciting a tongue twister. So what my husband and I did was to speak English, a little bit of broken Chinese and some body language and gestures. After almost three minutes or so of doing this, finally, we already knew what they are telling us.

That's the disadvantage of not being able to learn another language (be it Chinese, English, etc.). I'm just glad that we Filipinos learn how to speak English as early as Primary, though I was hoping also that they (Chinese) should have learned the language when they went to school as well, knowing that it's the Universal language.

It is hard on our part also because, after that, the girls kept on giggling as if they have their own private joke and the dummies are us. So lucky that my Hubby and I were together so we also chat in our own language and talk about the two girls. I know we were the ones they were talking about by the expression on their faces.

I have encountered many times, about this kind of situation in China because of communication barriers and it is very difficult. Especially when you are buying things and you need to haggle. Sometimes it is your lost because Chinese businessmen are pretty treacherous. No offense meant here because I know Chinese people are good at business.

So I learned my lessons well and if they don't give me the price I want for the thing I want to buy, I usually leave and they usually go after me and give the price that I wanted, although sometimes I hear them nag or even curse because of how stingy I am, I just ignore them. At least I got what I wanted.

Sometimes when we need to go to a place where we do not know the pinyin word (Pin·yin or pin·yin (p n y n, -y n) n. A system for transliterating Chinese ideograms into the Roman alphabet, officially adopted by the People's Republic of China in 1979.) for it, we have to call a Chinese friend to translate to the driver where we are going. It is so tiring and such a waste of time because it takes some minute consumed for them to understand what you want to tell them.

In addition, some Chinese have this habit also of spitting anywhere. When my husband told me about it before, when we're still living in the Philippines and he goes home during vacation only, I always laugh at his anecdotes.

Like when he told me that one of their customs is to spit anywhere. That when he sees somebody on the street about to spit, he finds a lamp post or tree to hide or he might be hit by the missile of saliva. I thought this was just a joke, but when I went there and experienced it, that's when I realized that he was not joking at all. It was not funny as one almost hit me.

I know that when you are in a different country, you also experience different cultures. We, as foreigners should learn to adjust or get used to. I know that we all have our share of good and bad in our place of origin, but I do hope that what I wrote about my experience in China be viewed as constructive because I really do not want to offend anybody.

China is a very nice place, very scenic and it would add if the people would learn to change some of their old ways. An example is spitting anywhere because it is unhygienic. I hope that they will also learn how to speak the Universal language (English) to prevent further miscommunication or communication barriers to foreigners like us. Right now, I am trying to learn their language also so that I could use it to my own advantage.

Hong Kong Disneyland New Year 2006
Hong Kong Disneyland New Year 2006

Hong Kong Disneyland

Every Little Girl or Little Boy's dream, even Adults like me included, is to visit Disneyland. I can still imagine the first time we (with my husband Ryan and my daughter Raine) visited Hong Kong Disneyland during the New Year of 2006.

I was 2 months pregnant then with my youngest child RL. I did not quite enjoy it because I had morning sickness, but I am so glad we could give our little Raine who was 4 years old that time the happiness she so much deserved.

We had our pictures taken with Pooh and Friends, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Had our HK coins transformed into souvenir pieces of Snow White and rode on a mini train while passing at Tarzan's House.

Raine had her picture taken as if she has the world on her hands in Adventureland. Seen Sleeping Beauty's Castle and enjoyed eating orange flavored popcorn at Buzz Lightyear's place. There's still a lot more, but we have no time. Next time I am going to watch the theater performance and experience the rides and this time our little boy RL will be enjoying it all with us. It is such a wonderful adventure together with my family.

SM Mall of Asia
SM Mall of Asia
Embassy Bar at The Fort
Embassy Bar at The Fort
Manila Ocean Park
Manila Ocean Park


The City that never sleeps (our version of NYC). Located in the Luzon Island in the Philippines. It's also the country's capital city. It offers a variety of attractions from shopping, dining, and even entertainment.

When you want to go hunting for the cheapest and latest trends, there's Tutuban at Divisoria or a more upscale one is the Greenhills Shopping Center. It also has a lot of Malls to stroll and shop to like MOA (SM Mall of Asia) called for because it's the biggest Mall in Asia as of this writing.Entertainment includes nightlife in clubs and bars like the Embassy. Family bonding you could go to Manila Ocean Park. The Oceanarium is open from 10 am to 9 pm, Mondays through Sundays. Entrance Fee for Adults is PHP 400 (approximately 10 USD) and PHP 350 (approximately 9 USD) for children.

Manila is pretty crowded, though, but it has a lot to offer.

*NOTE: Refer to google for the current prices

Chocolate Hills at Night
Chocolate Hills at Night
The Philippine Tarsier
The Philippine Tarsier


Bohol is an Island located in the Middle of Visayas, Philippines. It is famous for the so-called Chocolate Hills (which are Hills actually and turns brown in the summertime, thus the name), a vast number of devoted Catholics and the Tarsiers. These little nocturnal mammals are known to have huge eyes, shy and are like monkeys in appearance, but the size is not larger than an Adults' hand they are the main attraction in a place called Loboc River.

In Loboc River, there are also floating Restaurants, which you could rent out and cruise while you eat.

While Sagbayan Peak, offers a spectacular view of Bohol, exploring the Hinagdanan Cave and having a swim makes all a fun adventure!

Sagbayan Peak
Sagbayan Peak
Loboc River Cruise
Loboc River Cruise
Hinagdanan Cave
Hinagdanan Cave

The Land of Promise

True to what it is called, Davao City promises a lot to all who visits here. Situated on the Island of Mindanao, Philippines, it is the country's largest city in terms of Land Area.

Main attraction includes the following:

Mt. Apo. The highest mountain in the Philippines, overlooking Davao City. Every mountaineer is aiming to conquer it.

The Philippine Eagle. One of the rarest, largest and powerful birds in the world. You can see it at Malagos Garden Resort where it is rehabilitated along with other extinct and endangered species.

Durian Fruit. Davao is not Davao if there is no Durian. An exotic fruit, known to those who love it as a taste of heaven, even if some cannot stand its smell. It has a thorny shell covering and the meat is pulpy and sweet.

Crocodile Park. The name tells it all. However, aside from that, the newest attraction here is the Wild Water Adventure. A whitewater rafting on the Davao River.

Jack's Ridge. Looking for a fancy place to dine and enjoying your meal while somebody is serenading you, then this one is the answer. It is located on top of Shrine Hills and it offers a good view of the city even at night.

Eden Nature Park. Nestled in Mt. Talomo, this resort offers a lot to visitors. Here, you can eat the freshest fruits and vegetables that were picked in the Garden. There is a fishing village where you can catch fish and cook it the way you want it to be. There is also a pool where you and your family could swim. You can rent lodges if you want to stay overnight. The place is super cool and you feel in one with nature as it is in the middle of a Forest. Near here is Loleng's a Garden Resort also where you can pass before you reach Eden. If you are planning to have a Garden Wedding, Loleng's is the place to be.

Pearl Farm. Once owned by the family of the husband of former Miss Universe 1973 Margie Moran Floirendo. This Beach Resort, known for its white sand is nestled on the secluded cove of Samal Island off the coast of Davao. It was literally a pearl farm before it was transformed into a relaxing private retreat.

The city is one of the cleanest and livable cities in the whole country. The people are friendly and crime rates are low.


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  • charlettevidal profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Anywhere

    Hi Lisa! Yeah it's quite fun there. A tip though people in China doesn't know how to speak English and only a few can speak and understand so be sure to have a tour guide wiith you. :-)

  • LisaPark profile image


    9 years ago from Philippines

    This place is amazing! It's like a one stop place! I want to go there someday!


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