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Most Romantic Places To Visit In Saint Petersburg, Russia

Updated on November 23, 2013

Russian (not American) Saint-Petersburg known as sparkling, westernized big metropolis which is located on the Gulf of Finland, with the Neva River, used as its alluvial “main street.” The city is full of history, and is also the basis for great writing by authors like Gogol or Bulgakoff and music by composers like Shostackovitch or Rimsky-Korsakov. Closer to Finland more than to Moscow, Saint Petersburg is a modern travel destination for those people who are beguiled by mistery of history, town's design, and myth. Here are many of the top romantic sites to seek out in this nice city - Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The first I mention is Mariinsky Theatre, called the Kirov in the Soviet era. It is a design marvel created by Albert Kavox, who also famous being conceived the Bolshoy in Moscow. The inside is done in soft colors blue and gold, and it is the place in the Petersburg to enjoy great opera and ballet. The rule for those going to the opera or ballet is to dress in formal attire, so be prepared if you want to participate.

Next place is the Hermitage, one of the most massive collections of artworks, architecture, and parks in one place ever. The spectacular Winter Palace is found here, and going inside the Hermitage is not unlike stepping into a fairy tale. Pavilion Hall houses the elaborate gold peacock clock that was created for Catherine II. The Hermitage is also where you’ll discover carved wooden doors, palatial carpeted staircases, and stunning hallways and chambers. The buildings that comprise the Hermitage are themselves breathtaking, with embellishments and details that are difficult to describe sufficiently. You could easily spend a week at the Hermitage and not experience all its possibilities.

If it is summertime, the days in Saint Petersburg are very long, with no real nightfall, but rather extended twilight. If you time it correctly, you can take a cruise along the Nevsky Prospekt which is similar to taking a boat ride on the Seine in Paris. Every night| the city’s many drawbridges are raised to permit tall ships to pass through. It is a sight you’ll always remember.

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is a shrine that was erected on the exact site where Emperor Alexander II was assassinated by a grenade in 1881. Ironically, the design is more “old Russian” than many of the Saint Petersburg buildings that were constructed in previous centuries. This is a common place for brides and grooms to visit on their wedding day, though it never officially was as an actual church. The interior is elaborately styled in mosaics in candy colors, and the exteriors of its five onion domes are covered in jewelers enamel.

St. Isaac’s Cathedral is another capacious church building in Saint Petersburg that isn’t really a church. What makes it so special are the statues on the exterior four corners of the building. These are carved celestial beings, each of which holds up a gaslit torch. It too is a museum in a church building, and when it’s dark it is stunning to behold.

Very little assistance is necessary to find romantic spots in a city as beautiful and historic as Saint Petersburg. Find flowers to gift it your romantic partners you can here. It is more probable that choosing among the possibilities will be hard.


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