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Places to Visit in Langkawi Malaysia

Updated on February 10, 2011

A Great Place for Adventure and Nature Lovers

Langkawi is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Malaysia, especially if you are a nature and adventure lover. There are many adventure activities in Langkawi but there are some beautiful places to see as well. With a cluster of small islands, Langkawi has some of the best beaches in Malaysia, and it has one of the best mangrove forests in Asia as well. Being a tropical island covered with rain forest it is also a great place to see wildlife and because of the mountains in the island there are few waterfalls as well. Langkawi is a small island and wherever you are staying you can reach any place within 1-2 hours. In this article I will discuss the best places to visit in Langkawi.

Langkawi Cable Car
Langkawi Cable Car

Langkawi Travel Guide by Lonely Planet

Insight Pocket Guide: Penang & Langkawi (Insight Pocket Guides)
Insight Pocket Guide: Penang & Langkawi (Insight Pocket Guides)

Lonely Planet Guides are renowned for there excellent information and this one is no different, covers every aspect of traveling around Langkawi in great detail


Langkawi Cable Car

Langkawi cable car is perhaps the most famous tourist attraction in Langkawi. Around 90 minutes ride from Kuah town, you can use the cable car to reach the 700M high Machincang mountain range. The cable car is covered in glass you can view the surrounding area easily. You can see the beaches and the cluster of islands in Langkawi, the lush green tropical forest below, granite formations of the mountains, beautiful seven wells waterfall and many more.It is about 15 minutes ride to the first base station where you can get down and enjoy the scenery at leisure.There are binoculars at the base station so you can watch the surrounding at a greater detail.This is a great place to take photographs as well where you can take beautiful pictures of the sunset, surrounding mountiains, islands etc.Then you can take the cable car to reach the top station and from there you can walk on the famous Langkawi hanging bridge to reach another mountain.This was a bridge that has won many international awards for its design and walking on it while its swaying from the wind is a great experience. At the bottom station you can visit the rabbit farm, souvenir shops etc where you can buy some of the best souvenir of Langkawi. A must visit place if you are in Langkawi and a great place to visit if you traveling to Langkawi with children.

Palau Payar Marine Park

Langkawi is a collection of islands and Palau Payar marine park has some of the best corals and marine life in the area so it is worth a visit. There are no hotels or resorts in order to protect the environment and it is only accessible by boats. You can spend some time in the beach or you can go exploring the forest if diving around corals is not for you.

Sungai Kilim Nature Park

Sungai Kilim nature park is a must visit place for nature lovers. The park consists of one of the most developed mangrove forest in Asia. You can go on a mangrove tour on boat where you will be able to feed the eagles, visit some nearby islands and also visit the famous bat cave. If you are more adventurous you can go explore the mangroves in Kayaks, this way you will be go a bit deeper inside the mangroves as well.

Langkawi Island Hopping Tour

Langkawi Waterfalls

There are two famous waterfalls in Langkawi, with the seven wells waterfall being the most popular one. Seven Wells waterfall is near the Langkawi cable car and it is a great place to bath and have a picnic.Reaching to the top of the waterfall is a bit tiring experience but it is totally worth the effort.Durian Perangin is another beautiful waterfall and here also you can enjoy a nice picnic.

Langkawi Underwater World

One of the biggest Aquariums in southeast Asia, this is another tourist attraction that is very popular with visitors coming to Langkawi with children. You can view many species of fish in the natural habitat and this is a great place to take pictures as well. There are special tour packages that includes this as one of the attractions so it would be great if you can fit into one of those tour packages.

Eagle Square

A landmark building in Langkawi, A giant statue of an Eagle in a large town square. This is very close to the Kuah town and nearby you can find many duty free shops and plenty of restaurants as well. The Eagle Square is a popular place to take pictures as well because it is a sure sign you have visited Langkawi.

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    • hamzahothman profile image

      hamzahothman 6 years ago

      Good Hub..:) I`m Malaysian people and know this place. This island located at my state Kedah Darul Aman. Langkawi is very nice place. Thanks for this sharing..:)