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Places to Go Crabbing

Updated on June 21, 2011

You have visions of succulent, juicy, cooked crab in mind. You've purchased crabbing equipment and you can't wait to catch some crabs. But you have only one problem: You don't know where to go crabbing. Put your mind at ease. Whether you are planning a trip east or west, you can find crabbing locations in the United States and Canada where you can catch Dungeness, red rock and other types of crabs.

If you're crabbing with the kids, try Tuckerton, New Jersey at Rt. 539 and Green Street. At the end of the road there is a small park area with railing around it. There is parking, a pavilion and a bathroom. Another crabbing area is Bass River in New Gretna, New Jersey. If you hit the tide right, you will catch large crabs. As the tide decreases, so does the size of the crabs that you catch.

Crab season is all year long on the Oregon Coast, even though crabbing in the ocean is closed from August 15th to November 30th. You can still go crabbing in the estuaries, piers, bays and tide pools. Some of the best places include Yaquina Bay at Newport, Nehalem Bay at Nehalem and Winchester Bay at Reedsport. During the commercial season you can charter a boat. During the off-season, you can rent equipment from the marinas and bait shops on the coast.

Ambleside Park in the city of West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada has a nice beach and a pier for crabbing. It is a quiet area and you can catch Dungeness crabs. Belcarra Regional Park has a floating dock with built-in crab measuring brackets. The park has a picnic area, small beach, food and bathrooms. You can catch Dungeness and red rock crabs. Sydney in lower mainland may be one of the best places to catch red rock crab. They have a huge pier for fishing and crabbing.

Anywhere on the bay is good for crabbing in Ocean City, Maryland. Assawoman Bay, Sinepuxtent Bay, on the south end of Ocean City, and Indian River Bay north of Ocean City in Delaware are good crabbing locations. Crabs like to hide in the mud and grassy areas in the bay. Docks and piers in these areas are good places for crabbing, also the man-made wooden walls along the bay called bulkheads.


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