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Places to Snorkel or Dive in Key Largo Florida

Updated on September 16, 2010

Tour Boats in Key Largo

Keys Diver Boat
Keys Diver Boat
The coast line of Key Largo
The coast line of Key Largo

Diving and Snorkeling Shop Locations in Key Largo, FL

Snorkeling and Diving is one of the main attractions in Key Largo because of the vast amount of Reefs. Their are at least a dozen right off of key largo within 10 miles of the shore. Their are many different businesses that offer snorkeling and diving for those reefs and I'll list them below. While staying at your hotel in key largo. For Key largo Hotel Reviews

Amy Slate's Amoray Dive Center
104250 Overseas Hwy
Key Largo FL 33037

Capt. Slate's Atlantis Dive Center
305-451-3020 800-331-8483
51 Garden Cove
Key Largo FL 33037

Conch Republic Divers
90800 Overseas Highway #9
Tavernier FL 33070

Coral Reef Park Co.
Post Office Box 1560
Key Largo FL 33037

Garden Cove Divers
105664 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037
Horizon Divers
305-453-3535 800-984-3483
100 Ocean Drive Bldg. 1
Key Largo FL 33037

Island Ventures
305-451-4957 866-293-5006
P O Box 306
Key Largo FL 33037

Keys Diver
305-451-1177 888-289-2402
99696 Overseas Highway #1
Key Largo FL 33037

Ocean Divers, Inc.
305-451-1113 800-451-1113
522 Caribbean Drive
Key Largo FL 33037

Quicksilver/Reef Roamer Sailing Charters
Holiday Inn Marina MM 100 O/S
Key Largo FL 33037

Scuba-Fun Dive Center
99222 Overseas Hwy
Key Largo FL 33037

Sea Dwellers Dive Center
305-451-3640 800-451-3640
99850 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

Silent World Dive Center
305-451-3252 800-966-3483
MM 103.2 bayside, Central Plaza
Key Largo FL 33037

Snorkeling by Sundiver
305-451-2220 800-654-7369
Post Office Box 963
Key Largo FL 33037

Snorkeling and Diving Shops in Key Largo Reviewed

Keys Diver is the best that i discovered because the equipment is included but that's not what makes it great. The prices are some of the most competitive out their. The experience is like no other. The boats aren't crowded the ship crew is extremely friendly and sets you up for great sights and a great time. This one snorkel dive I was told I would see a sea turtle, nurse shark, sting ray and a bull shark and I saw all of them in the one site on that reef. I had visited the same reef earlier in the week at a different location John Peenekamp state park said was the best and saw none of that. The crew on the dive and snorkeling boat are extremely knowledgeable of the history of the sites and animals their. Their boats and equipment are brand new within the last year. Also if you need equipment go to their shop near Wendy's on US-1 their prices were great. Alot of places charge $20-$30 for under water cameras. This shop offers the same for $14.95. Also snorkeling gear, keys diver shirts and stickers are greatly priced. Save some money and shop their.

John Pennekamp National Park is a great place to hang out but when you look for a place to snorkel I would not choose them. Their price looks as if it's the cheapest in the area which it is but to get to the snorkel center you have to pay $4.50 a person just to get in to the park. So now your paying just as much as everyone else. Then if you don't have your own equipment you must pay for it as well as a steep deposit for it. For a snorkel trip and paying for mask, snorkel, and fins you will pay around $45 plus $100 in deposits per person. The boats are loaded to the maximum I had 45 people on the boat and we were brought out to a dying part of Grecian Rock along with 4 other boats so their were about 120 of us in the water and people bumping each other.

Horizon Divers is a great to dive because they dive all upper keys reefs and ship wrecks which is a awesome experience. Also what is nice about horizon divers is that you can get a discount for booking multiple trips which is hard to find. The amount of people on a boat is kept low I had 8 people on my boat which was great for one on one attention that you relieve from the crew. The knowledge is great about the ship wrecks and where to look for good things to look at


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