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Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Updated on July 23, 2012

Al Hosn Palace

The Al Hosn Palance (Qasr al-Hosn) is also called the "white-fort" and hosts the Alhosn University. Previously the palace was the office and the home for the Abu Dhabi ruler, government departments and courts of justice. The palace was built by Sheikh Shakhboot Bin Zayed Al Nahyan more than 200 years ago.

In 1761 the palace started out as a watch tower to protect the only fresh water well on the island after which it became the permanent residence for the ruling sheikh of that time. During the late 1930s the palace was extended from the revenues Abu Dhabi got for the first oil license, hence Qasr al-Hosn, meaning palace-fort. It was the seat of government until 1966. During 2007 the palace was redeveloped as an historic site and tourist attractions and was opened to the public.

Abu Dhabi Corniche


The Corniche is a long road in Abu Dhabi that stretches about 6km starting from the Sheraton Hotel all the way to the Hilton Hotel. Lined along the Corniche one will find several gardens around the coastal boulevard that borders the city.

Due to the fact that Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the ruler of Abu Dhabi, loves greenery, gardens and fountains, one will found fountains on every intersection of the Corniche. Beautiful modern buildings faces the sea for the background, making the Corniche one of the most picturesque sites in Abu Dhabi. Sandy beaches are located along the seafront of the Corniche.

The Corniche offers a wide variety of activities such as swimming for the swimming enthusiasts. With lifeguard monitored specified swimming areas one can enjoy a refreshing swam with about 170 beach umbrella's to guard you from the scorching sun. Floating fences, about 40 meters into the sea, will guide swimmer and enhances security.

You will also find refreshment options, changing rooms and a mosque for those that want to pray. The facilities alongside the Corniche will encourage families to get together, enjoy family reunions as well as picnics. Police will also be available for additional security purposes making the Corniche one of the top tourist beach destinations to visit in Abu Dhabi.

Cultural Foundation

The institution was established in 2005 and promotes the heritage and culture of Abu Dhabi. The board of directors administer the foundation while H.E. Sheikh Sultan bin Tahnoun Al Nahyan is the the chairman of the institution.

The institution started as a 5-year strategy that was prepared by a UNESCO-led team and is working closely with local experts and its principles issues affects the development of Abu Dhabi's culture and heritage.

Women's Craft Center

The ladies working at the Women's Craft Center sit in groups and work on their craft items. They display their talents and skills and you will have the opportunity to get a glimpse of their artwork such as saddu, textile and basket -weaving, embroidering, tailoring as well as some palm tree front weaving.

Not only will you be mesmerized by their talents but you will also be able to purchase these items such as camel bags, ethnic costumes and other traditional craft items that will be a good addition to your traveling collection.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque


The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is also known as the 'Grand Mosque' by Abu Dhabi local and hosts about 40 000 worshipers making this mosque the largest mosque in the Unite Arab Emirates and the eighth largest mosque in the world.

Nine thousand worshipers can be accommodated in the main prayer hall while the two rooms next to the main payer hall can accommodate about 1 500 worshipers, excluding for the use by the women.

Khalifa Park

The Khalifa Park offer a wide variety of features to the locals as well as visitors and tourists. The park offers beautiful landscapes, central plaza, maritime museum, time tunnel ride, monorail, Amphitheater, party hall, woman and children's garden, theme park, mosque and an Islamic garden. Getting access to the Khalifa Park is easy and you will be able to access this great park either by train or by foot. It is all up to your convenience.

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