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Places to Visit in Malaysia

Updated on May 2, 2015

1. Genting Highlands

Currently, the theme parks are all in construction. There are currently renovating. At 2016, they claim that they'll transform the place in to a world class tourist destination. Before construction, they used to have indoor and outdoor rides. Now, they only have some children rides, a casino and a shopping mall. Genting Highlands is a very cold state. It very cold that you don't need an air conditioner. I recommend wearing jackets, when exploring.

2. Cameron Highlands

Cameron Higlands is like a big mountain. Unlike Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands a more mountain like structure. There are a lot of farms there. There are strawberry farms, butterfly farms and animal farm. Though most strawberry farms close early. There are also many shops there. The Highlands's main attraction is their tea leaf field. They have a cafe where they serve freshly brewed tea.

3. Langkawi

Langkawi has many great attractions. It,s the famed "Duty Free" Island. Most of the items they sell are duty free. There are also a wide variety of chocolates. There are cable car rides, electronic car and motorcycle rides, game consoles, horseback riding, 7D ride, a spherical room with a 360° projector, boat rides and more.

4. Port Dickson

Port Dickson has many beautiful beaches. The waves also don't make much noise, so you can just sleep and relax and listen to sound of the ocean. There is also an ostrich farm. I recommend going to Port Dickson, if you want relax at the beach. There is anything exciting at Port Dickson except the beaches.

5. Batucaves

If you're visiting Malaysia, then Batucaves is a definitely must visit tourist spot in Malaysia. It a huge mountain with many Hindu temples. The mountain is very high, you'll have to walk up a long stairway to get to the top. Beware, there are also some monkeys at the top of the stairs. They would snatch anything you hold in your hands, including electronics like phones and cameras. At the top, there isn't much to see, there are only some temples. You won't notice much of the scenery due to the major pain that will be associated in the legs and hip. Near the stairways of the mountain is cave where you could go exploring. It used to be free, but now they charge you about $12. At the ground or near the bottom of the mountain is another cave where there are many statues of Hindu deities and many colorful lights. Again, there is another stairways you could climb up to look at a breath taking view of the entire cafe. Many have scribed their's and a loved one's name on the walls of the cave or cavern if you may. This will cost you only about $1.5 per adult, children free. There's also another place to visit, this one charges $5 for adult and $2.5 for children. This place is also near the Batucaves mountain and it has many caves, a reptilian house, a show and parrots. They caves have more statues of Hindu deities, but this time with less colorful lights. The reptilian house has all kinds of creepy crawly reptiles, they variety and population of snakes is greater than the other reptilian species. You'll get a chance to hold a snake. I do have to say that there is animal cruelty here. They place a live chicken inside the den of a snake. If you're kindhearted, then you could see the fear of the chicken. The snake wrapped itself around the chicken. Please, if any of you have the time, please report this kind of animal cruelty. The chickens looked like they now only reached puberty. They also have some kind of show, but it wasn't on when we were there. You'll also get a chance to take a picture with a parrot and when I say take, I mean buy. The are also good but fairly expensive restaurants in the district. Though some of them sell only vegetarian dishes. There are also street shops were they sell Indian sweets and other regular mini markets.


Kuala Lumur is also a great alternative, if you like city life that is. KL has many clubs, malls, theme parks and lot's more. There are also other attractions in Malaysia at other states like Klang. Malaysia, for tourists should be a place of relaxation, not sightseeing. Compared to other countries, Malaysia is actually very boring. This comment is from a Malaysia. I hope I didn't offend anyone. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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